What this Instructable will teach you ?
To take a plain old timepiece or clock and make it run backwards and fit it into a really cool clock face to make your own customized clock you can hang proudly ,because you made it yourself.

How cool is it?
well, its pretty cool take it from me i had this clock in my dorm room for a year and everyone who has seen it has asked me how to make one or asked me to make one for them. (like hell i'll make one for you...).

Has this been done before?
yep. there is another Instructable for this which is also very detailed if you want another source to clear your doubts. link: https://www.instructables.com/id/Reverse_Clock_1/ By crazypoop.
But i made the reverse clock 4 years ago for my science project about the working of a clock.

Why would you want to make a clock that runs backwards?
Because its cool.

Step 1: Things You'll Need.

Tools: None

Other things:
1. You'll need a quartz movement . i.e the part of the clock that actually has the mechanics and the hands. I took mine from an old clock that i had lying around which i never used. you can also buy one its pretty cheap.

2. Carboard, Paper and pens to make the clock face and to make the numbers on it.

3. Extremely optional is a Digital camera to record each step because the Instructable involves opening up the clock and removing the cogs so you might want to record each step when you put the parts back in.

That's all . So, without further ado lets make a creepy backwards running clock.
That's so cool!!!
Done this to make a Halloween wreath that my daughter wanted.
<p>I finally got all the parts put back and it works.Think God,now i&quot;ll make my lg. wall clock. Think you so much. Will send a photo when it&quot;s done. Thank&quot;s again.</p>
<p>I finally got all the parts put back and it works.Think God,now i&quot;ll make my lg. wall clock. Think you so much. Will send a photo when it&quot;s done. Thank&quot;s again.</p>
<p>I finally got all the parts put back and it works.Think God,now i&quot;ll make my lg. wall clock. Think you so much. Will send a photo when it&quot;s done. Thank&quot;s again.</p>
Try a record like a music record disc. I made many record clocks but I might try a counter clockwise one.
<div> <iframe frameborder="0" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/ed4gaqb5XDM" width="560"></iframe></div>
will it turn out like this? thanks :)
I did it! It took some work (I hadn't ever played around with clock movements before, so this was kind of scary for me) but it worked wonderfully :D Thank you SO MUCH! :D
I don't want want to be rude or anything I'm just having trouble with it. Do I need a soldering pencil??? How do I change the polarity??<br>
Not really any need for soldering here, to reverse the polarity of the electromagnet, you kinda just have to flip it. Thats not really reversing the polarity here as i just realised. Its just reversing the electromagnet itself. Comprende?
I tried this, and it really worked!<br><br>It was so good I ended up giving the clock away as a Christmas present.<br>
I want to give it as a gift too but i must have done something wrong cuz mine is not working and I broke two clocks trying <br>
glad you found it useful. :)
Ok I have a problem I just broke 2 clocks doing this experiment. The first one I got to the end and it wouldn't work so silly me I tried again and broke the second one should I try for a third cuz the methods dont seem to be working<br>
what time is it on your picture? 10:10?
It's, you know, whatever.<br>;-)
thats right
Sometimes these clock will go backwards if you just reverse the battery<br>save a lot of trouble?
Yeah, sometimes the circuitry of the clock is not meant to take reverse current. It might work or it might not&mdash;though it probably won't cause harm to the clock either way.
Um, be careful with that though. <br>If your battery starts getting warm... I'd rather go with the involved method.<br>But hey, it might work.
About 40 to 50 yearsago I saw a large reverse clock in an ornate carved wood frame in an antique shop. I have wanted one ever since. I wonder how long they have actually been around.
Theres also a reverse clock in that movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I guess it would be cool to make one of that scale and antiquity.
I'm pretty sure I have this original clock hanging in my room.
yep thats the one i got the idea from. a friend of mine had one.
my aunt has 1 too
&nbsp;Funk yeah :D
As a kid, my aunt had a backwards clock and it always confused hell out me. For years it was on her lounge room wall and I finally grew accustomed to it. Then she got smart and placed it on the bathroom wall - directly opposite the vanity mirror - as you're getting ready (when you're in a hurry and have no time for your mind to reverse a clock face) you simply glance up and read the mirrored time easily!
Lol a time machine! ;)
pretty cool! It's familer though,my teacher has this in her room,lol
&nbsp;thsz awesome! really CoOl... &nbsp;:)&nbsp;
your clock is so lazy. it keeps telling me &quot;whatever&quot; all the time.<br /> LOL<br />
&nbsp;yeah dude ,,like...you knowww.......if u cool enough........you dont need the time bro..<br /> u know what im sayin.....
this is rly cool so far i got the backwards thing done (1st try thankfully)- used one of those cheap IKEA 3$ clocks now i gotta think of a nice design i dont wanna copy urs...but its pretty tempting :D
like i said in the instructable , i got the idea from a clock i found on the internet. tell me how u make urs when ur done.
Sheet metal for the face and some thin magnets for numbers and/or letters would be a great addition. You could change it as you like.
yeah i wanted to do somtin like that but im way too lazy for that..lol
my grandparents had that clock
Thanks, I never thought there were useful gears in those clock units, I am putting the word out for broken ones. Maybe your clock could become part of a time machine?

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