My grandma has a weak grip, because she had polio when she was little.

But she likes playing Braintraining on the DS.

This is what I've done to make it easier for her to play the game.  I'm going to take it up to her at Christmas.

(My dad took the photos, because he didn't want sugru fingerprints all over his camera.)

Step 1: Materials


Sugru (my dad has loads, and he let me have some).

A plastic milk bottle.


Tough scissors

Sharp knife (I borrowed by dad's little Leatherman.)

Rotary tool with a grinding thing on the end - I used my dad's cheap cordless one.

Things to poke into small gaps and press Sugru into place - I used scredrivers and an old pen.

Featured?<br><br>That's my boy!
wow wicked instructable hope it wins <br>(no offense to your dad!)<br>jonny
The DS was a runner up.
Some of the styli have a slot in the back end. You could attach a cord to it there, and then tether it to the DS case--there's a niche on the case just to one side of the slot where the card goes, which is designed for just such a cord. Your Gramma is one lucky lady, to have you in her life! Bravo! For such a clever and thoughtful instructable!
Might I sugest rolling a rounded file over the sugru on various places, particularly the stylus, to produce a grip with a larger surface area, which improves grip?
Thanks for posting :) great tutorial!<br>I have very weak grip and this is just what I need! I keep on stoping my DS and my mother isn't too impressed ;)<br>
Hi Conker-X, we love this hack. Hope your grnadma loves it too :) <br>James
With the sugru on the 4 lettered buttons you may not know which are which. But nice instructable.
I really like this idea. The buttons are a great add-on. Could you post a pic of someone actually holding it? I'd like to see it in use. <br>(I'm guessing it's wrapped at this moment, so maybe after Christmas)
So, don't take this the wrong way or anything, but...<br><br>Wouldn't people with a bad grip on things have trouble writing easily on such a tiny screen? I know that even with a steady hand, BrainTrain doesn't recognize handwriting very easily.
Nice one.<br>
I like the idea a lot but what's that access panel you're covering up where the handle attaches?
It's the battery panel. <br> <br>As Conker-X's brother pointed out, we've had a number of Gameboys and DSs over the years, and they have always given up physically (hunge splitting, buttons wearing out etc) before their batteries caused problems. <br> <br>
Ah, gotcha. I haven't owned a DS and I forgot they have rechargeable batteries. Hopefully you won't have to mess with yours!<br><br>I'm sure your grandmother (and mother) will love it. Be sure to post some pics of her using it after Christmas!
See step six - she hates having her photo taken (and video is even worse - a friend's wedding video has a long shot of everybody leaving the church, with her voice coming from behind the camera saying &quot;I'm going out the side door if that camera's there!&quot;)<br><br>
Whoops, forgot about that part. Well, I hope you can get pics with someone using it so we can all see how the handle is used.
Not just a handle, but nice custom buttons, too - and in a colour that really stands out, for those with a visual impairment that isn't too severe to stop them playing in the first place...<br> <br> Nintendo could learn a lot from this, Conker-X - well done.
your nice to your grandmother, but why a handle?
<em>&quot;My grandma has a weak grip, because she had polio when she was little.&quot;</em>
i saw that, but on the top screen?
The handle is on the back of the bottom screen. <br> <br>
oh wait saw that wrong that makes sense
lol Is this kiteman's son? following in his fathers footsteps. XD
you're so nice to grandma!
Nice one.

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