I was wandering around in a tag sale one day and came across an old chipboard guitar case, which seemed like the perfect candidate for an unusual table.  So, I headed to my shop with my $5 purchase and got to work.

Step 1: Materials & Tools Required

The materials I used were:

- an old chipboard guitar case
- 3 metal conduit couplers
- an 8' section of metal electrical conduit
- epoxy glue
- a piece of scrap mdf board (roughly the length & width of the guitar case)
- scrap 1x2 pieces of pine
- screws
- primer & paint

The tools used were:

- drill and bits
- screwdriver
- jig saw
My nephew would love this! Great that you think out of the box, so to speak! Great ideas ! Thank you!
Nice job...A coffen coffie table would be sooo cool!!!
Thanks for the comment!
Very cool idea! I love that old typewriter you have there too :)
Thanks, Penolopy! This was a fun project. The typewriter was made in 1923, so it's now 90 years old. I just finished cleaning it, installing a new carriage return string, and making new front feed rollers. These things are built like tanks! Thanks again for the comment.

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