Step 6: Finished!

Here is the finished product.

Ask if you have any questions


<p>This was easier than I thought. Nice tutorial!</p>
<p>I have to make one of these. I think I have over 10,000 bricks.</p>
<p>i can't made it</p><p>:(</p>
Pretty cool idea. I store all my Lego Digital Designer stuff on mine.
Nice, it requires a drill with bits, witch I don't have.
or maybe it could retractable?
could you have a sheath on it?
Yes you could. I need to update this ible soon, I changed the design a little and I'll need to show how to make the sheath aswell
Where did you get so many Legos from?
The store, obviously. Or the internet. I have a drawer full with perhaps that much.
that's not a lot of Legos, i have about 1 and a 1/2 times that much( 1 times that plus half of it) and I&quot;m only 14! Just&nbsp;collect&nbsp;over the years :D
This is mine that i made i had to tweak some things but it turned out ok.
looks great! nice job!
Love these things!! I've made a few myself over the years, the current edition is a 64Gb one, with a keyring on the one end. I use a valet key ring so that it can be detached and not cause strain on the USB port of the device I plug it into. Also, for stability, I jump past the hot glue and use JB Weld epoxy resin inside. You have to wait a bit longer for the stuff to set prior to drilling the keyring hole, but I've had one now for about 4 years (1Gb model) and it still works great.
will it matter to the flash drive if its covered in hot glue?
yes <br>
Then is there any way to keep it from flopping around in the lego brick?<br>
Actually hot glue won't effect it. Hot glue doesn't conduct and thats how the factorys secure it to the casing anyway.
great idea. i love lego!
i have one like this but mine was red
I did it! &gt;^.^&lt;
Looks great! thanks for posting a picture
Finished mine today, nice job.
I would drill a small hole in the top so you could turn it into a key chain. <br>
I think this is great my son wants to design for legos. My son that this was awesome!!! <br><br><br>
Same thing I did a while back. Except that I used a hobby knife to cut most of the plastic to the size I needed and then hand-sanded the inside walls of the brick to as close to the right thickness as I could. Be thankful you had the proper tools!
~~ ~~
Bravo lemonie. That's the coolest thumb drive mod I have seen. Great job. Willard
sweet did you make it?
Yea, the technique is a bit different but pretty much the same. I was thinking of posting one... L

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