Picture of Make a Superhero Mask

Any good superhero needs a sweet mask to keep him/her anonymous while fighting crime and villainy. Depending on how you much effort you want to put into the mask, you could be done in as little as 15 minutes.

I've been meaning to make this Instructable for about a year now, ever since I made the Anti-Negativity Helmet. I finally just sat down for about an hour and cranked this out.

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Step 1: Print and Cut-out the Pattern

Picture of Print and Cut-out the Pattern

Here's the pattern for it.

Make sure it is 10.5 inches from end to end of the mask.

Then, you just need to cut it out.

Step 2: Cut out the Mask

Picture of Cut out the Mask

I'm using 5mm neoprene for my mask here. In the past I've used 3mm, which works fine, but anything less than that will be too stretchy.

Basically the thicker the fabric, the better. With a thin fabric the mask ends get pulled and doesn't fit on your face correctly.

Now we need to trace the pattern onto the neoprene, and cut it out.

Step 3: Cut out the Eye-holes

Picture of Cut out the Eye-holes

To cut out the eye-holes make a slit in each one. Then you should be able to cut them out easily.

Step 4: Try it on!

Picture of Try it on!

I liked the darker side better, but you can really use the mask as "reversible". Also, it helps to have some long hair or a beanie on to hold the mask on your face.

Step 5: Make a Strap

Picture of Make a Strap

The length of the strap will vary depending on the size of your head, or how tight you want the mask to be. I like making it out of neoprene scraps (to match). But, any stretchy fabric or elastic will do here.

This is pretty straight forward. Just measure it to your desire, to make it fit on your head.

erinlks made it!9 months ago

Love your tutorial! It was very helpful. The mask and the anti-negativity helmet were a lot of fun to put together. I used a foam material that I found in the scrap fabric heap and it has held up pretty well. Again, thanks!

LegoBrickMaster7 (author)  erinlks9 months ago

Nicely done!