Learn how to make an image that can repeat in all directions in Photoshop 7.0 or later. Tiling images are great for desktops.

Step 1: Get a Good Picture

The picture you use should make sense when tiled (for example, tiles). A good example of a bad tiling image is one of a street sign, since you only need one. I used a nice picture of Bacon. You can find a good picture on Google, or you can just use my bacon.
Thank you, this is very helpful, you can use this for more than your desktop, you may use it on a website as well.
You can do anything with a photograph in Photoshop. The other name for Photoshop is Photo Manipulation.
wo! you really do 'bring home the bacon' huh? why do i now want to go to the kitchen and fry some bacon? :D thanks, really informative for us beginners.
or u could use paint and flip the image. then put then all together
I luv prosciutto! Just not on my desktop. Oh, and thanks for offering to let us use your bacon.....in the end it looks kinda like a partial American flag made of meat...
wuff !!! u use norton antivirus!!! pretty good idea ...
Wow. That's a pretty sick (as in gross) background. Good idea though.
Add a screenshot of your tiled background image.
there, but the "print scrn" I took isn't really of high caliber (quality)

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