I was thinking about titling this a tale of three pipes. Because once I had these three lengths of scrap pipe kicking around, I had flanges for them and everything and often I'd think if I only had another pipe I could make a bench and use those pipes as legs. Well time passed and the fourth pipe never materialized.

That fourth pipe never showing up might just have been the luckiest break I had though. Because everyone knows a tripod only has three legs!

Step 1: Yeah But ...

Why make one of these? I already have a vise mounted on my bench. Bench vises are great for shoulder work. Work where you push off from your shoulder like filing. Not so great for say grinding. Then the sparks are flying just about at face level! That's not even the worst part about working up higher grinding. Man doing that would kick my touche in for me after just a little while. I'm no shrinking violet type either.

It was so bad I'd do silly things like stand on a step stool and work. In short I just put up with the limitations and worked around them. Yeah well there is a better way, just have a vise mounted lower. Duh! Why didn't I think of this years ago? You see it all has to do with ergonomics and the lower something is the more leverage and mechanical advantage you can wield over it.

Also people have seen my vise and said it is nice and all but I'm so pressed for space now so ah ... Ah no. If you don't have something like this in your workshop then you're wasting space with some of the other junk that you do have. Trust me this thing is so awesome it more than pays for the little space that it takes up.

I intentionally included pictures of my cluttered garage workshop just so you can see how this item fits in seamlessly even in the worst working environment. It moves around easily but stays put and is solid working on it too. It's all that and a bag of chips kids I'm not kidding you.
<p>Great idea, I would make one for sure if I had enough room</p>
<p>My garage is as packed as can be. The tripod vise stand is worth the little space it takes up for me though. It is collapsible too. Just unscrew the legs. Although I leave mine setup all of the time. I made it collapsible so I could take it apart, and get it through a doorway, if I wanted to.</p>
<p>Excellent idea. Will be building one shortly. Have the pipe(know very well what you mean about waiting for the other piece to show up). Now I know what to do with it.</p><p>Thanks.</p>
<p>For years I had a pile of three pipes and a dream of building a pipe leg bench with four. Today I'm glad I built this tripod. I just measured the top vise jaw height and it is 33 1/2&quot; inches off the floor. So it is below my belt line how high it stands up. Perfect for getting in those below the belt shots on things!</p><p>If your pipes are longer I wouldn't make this tripod any higher because of that. The advantage here is in gaining the upper hand at times. You'll know what I mean as you work with it.</p><p>In comparison the top of my bench vise jaws measures 44 1/2 inches. Which is a great height for a lot of filing, but stinks for drilling and grinding the tops of things.</p>
<p>Not sure if all my pipe is the same length or not at the moment. Will have to dig it out of its hiding spot. I currently have my vise temporarily mounted on a temporary workbench(old dining room table top on sawhorses). It's probably a little over 3' high. Is a good height for filing, yes, but not so good for assembly/disassembly. It also throws grinding sparks right in my face, so I will start with a mockup at your height and see what fits me.</p><p>Was saving the pipe to make some sort of tool stand, or vise stand. Don't know why I never thought of the tripod, seeing as how I own 2 or 3 of them for telescope and camera, lol.</p><p>Thank you again for a good post and an excellent idea.</p>
Fine work. Thanks. <br>I needed an excuse to get that vice out from under the bench. <br>
I use mine all of the time. More than my bench vise.

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