Using a bike is a great way to zip around town and run errands, but some jobs are a little more than a bike alone can handle. What about carting around jugs of water or groceries? How do you get power tools to a friends' house to work on a project? A backpack can only hold so much!

A bike trailer would be very useful, but what if you can't afford a spiffy new one from the bike shop?

This design can be built using scavenged wood, 2 bike tires, a few borrowed tools, and about $7 worth of braces that can be purchased at your local hardware store!

Step 1: Materials Needed

Here is what you will need:''

Scavenged materials:''

2 Wooden pallets
(Pallets are an industrial waste product that many businesses throw away. Check with local businesses, free pallets are available in most areas.)

Wood scraps
(2x4 or 2x6 lumber works the best. 2 or 3 feet of 2x4 should work fine.)

2 Bike Tires
(Check with your local bike shop, garage sales, police auctions, etc.)

From the Hardware store:''

2 x 3/8" hex bolts (6 1/2" long with nuts and 2 washers for each bolt)
2 x 5/16" carriage bolts (With wing nuts and 1 washer for each bolt)
2 x 2 1/2" Corner braces (See pictures of hitch assembly)
1/2 lb. 2 1/4" Wood Screws

Suggested tools to borrow from a friend:''

1 Circular saw (Skil saw)
1 Hammer
1 Pry bar
1 Cordless drill with multiple drill bits and screw bit
1 Band saw or jig saw
Safety Goggles, hearing protection, work gloves

Rims are not included in this budget estimate?
<p>Thanks for sharing, really good low budget build. After a bit of surfing looking for plans, I think I might go for this one </p><p>http://www.motherearthnews.com/diy/bicycle-trailer-zmaz81jazraw.aspx?SlideShow=1</p>
say is&nbsp;it even street legal or even sise walk legal but if ti is am fine with buildin it
1-no bikes on sidewalk <br>2- are you street legal <br>3-do you have any idea how the term street legal would apply to a BICYCLE THAT <br>IS NOT motorised ?????????????????????????????????????????????????
What are you talking about? I can go 50km/h on my bike. Try riding a good bike, not the ones from walmart.
<p>Whats your point? you want a cookie or something? Roadway laws are based on motorized vehicles meat head, maybe cut back on the road tights and read a book?</p>
<p>Um. Actually, pretty much every state and city has specific laws for operating bicycles. In some places, it is permitted to ride on sidewalks, in some places it isn't. Perhaps you should read a book yourself. Meat head.</p>
I don't think any bicycle trailer can be illegal. I know that it's illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk, though.
oh like because the legth of that bike is way longer then the original thats why i asked
Is there a video tomake this home made trailer??
<p>This was a great project. You may have to use a lot of supports, and make sure to drill the hole at an angle so it will stay on (Mine didn't so I used a metal strap to keep the hitch from falling on the wheel.</p>
does it become detatchable so you can take it off if you dont need to use it
so i built one using this as a guide..mine is different but same idea..i did make the mount for the seatpost the exact same..only problem is when i went to ride off i broke the hitch. bikes do lean when you turn. so i think im gonna half to rethink how im gonna do this. other than that great instructable!
Great instructable, I might try this, it could be really useful if you can't or don't want to use a car,GO GREEN!
Just made one today, a little different design(the hitch attaches near the rear axle on the bike) and everything works great, only problem is the tire I found was flat but im just about to go fix it right now!
Is the pallet light? because the pallet i was going to use was super heavy.
Yeah, the pallet I used was probably pine or spruce and fairly light weight. Some pallets are made out of Oak, Beech, or other really dense wood that can be really heavy. You might want to see if other pallets are available in your area. You might try calling a few local hardware stores or your local waste management company to see if they have some available.
nice trailer, this website is just full of them! check out mine if you like..
say did u sarifice ur si=ome ones bike for this because the wagon wheels looks as if there bicycle tires
out of curiosity how does the hitch handle different elevations? Lets say riding up an approach?&nbsp; Can it pivot like a ball hitch?<br />
Why don't you put on sides so that you don't have to worry about stuff falling off?<br />
The 2015 model from Obama Motors. &nbsp;<br /><br />Nice trailer. &nbsp;Good job!&nbsp;
Looks great, nice build! How's the turning with the trailer on?
It handles really well.&nbsp; I cut the hole for the hitch so that it fits loosely around the seat post of the bike.&nbsp; The turning radius is pretty good, not excessively wide.<br />
Sweet! How much weight can it hold?
I haven't tested the load bearing capacity.&nbsp; The one that I made will comfortably carry 2 wooden pallets bunjee chorded on top.&nbsp; I would guess that 50 lbs. is around the max weight capacity.&nbsp; <br />
Great job! I've read a bunch of bike trailer instructables and this one seems like the most straightforward. I will definitely be trying this out.
I think I'll try this. 5 stars.

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