Step 3: Finishing the handle

Picture of Finishing the handle
11 handle ready to sand.JPG
12 sandpaper varnish.JPG
13 sanding hold hanky.JPG
14 sanded smooth half wet.JPG

pic 10 file the rasp cuts down. I dont use the vice to hold the handle now as it will mark the handle and could mis-shape it.

pic 11 the handle now the right shape and all gouges and cuts filed out. Ready to sandpaper.

pic 12 a selection of sandpaper in grits from 60 to 240.

pic 13 hold the handle with a hanky or cloth at this stage because oils from your skin can discolour the wood. Use all grits and sand in cirular motions until no deep scratches are left. The harder the wood the better the finish.

pic 14 the sanded handle. I have wet half of it to show the lovely colour waiting to come out.

now lets pay attention to the shank.

If your shank is nice and straight then skip this bit. If it is curved slightly then here's how to straighten it.