Make a life-sized Batmobile Tumbler and Batman themed Halloween display

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Here are the step-by-step instructions of how to build a full scale prop of the Tumbler from the Batman Begins/Dark Knight movies. I've also included some information for making an entire Batman themed display with things such as a life sized animatronic Batman, a rig of flying bats, and, of course, your own bat signal. It's the kind of project that I've always wanted to do since I was a kid. (Hasn't everyone wanted to own a Batmobile at some time in their life?)

My goal for this display was to make it as realistic as possible while keeping it affordable. I also wanted everything to be durable, reusable, portable, able to set up quickly by one person, and that it wouldn't take up much storage space when not in use. The cost for the completed Tumbler was about $600. It easily could have costed two to three times that amount, but I was able to use lots of scrap materials, found some freebies and saved a lot by purchasing used items on eBay. Most of the year was spent figuring out which items were needed and trying to collect everything on the cheap.

Please know that I am not a carpenter, and only have basic tools and limited construction knowledge. I'm sure there are more efficient ways to do this project (a table saw would have really helped), but I think it's good to show that anyone can do it. Also, I did this project in my spare time while running a business and juggling family responsibilities, so it's difficult to judge the true time required. Included are some notes about the general time line counting down until Halloween in italics.

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johnstat0001 month ago

Wow... just Wow... Pretty darn Cool!

AARENAARON5 months ago



milkdud551 year ago
Holy Crap! :O
JProjects1 year ago
hope its street legal
Bobkevin121 year ago
That's awesome. I was hopeing to buy a tumbler for 1.4 M but that was expensive so i tried to find how to build a tumbler. If you are able to modify it to drive, please tell me how!
ssonier1 year ago
Amazing work!!
jt08131 year ago
Holy Movie Quality, Batman! I can't stop checking this out!! Scope and Grandeur is nothing short of Amazing and Awe-Inspiring! And for someone who claims to NOT be a carpenter... you should be working on a Movie Set as a Production Designer! Gotta show this to my Girl's cousin, he will go APE S%^! Fav'd and Following...Thanks for sharing, Mr. Wayne.
jerjod (author)  jt08131 year ago
Thank you sir, for the kind words!
jt0813 jerjod1 year ago
You are quite welcome! If I ever attempt, I will post some pics. Definitely inspirational, esp your use of things you had available. Spectacularly achieved!
pghjim1 year ago
Holy Hot Wheels, Batman!
That was one Herculean effort. You are a true Batman fan.
Nicely done!
JonnyBGood2 years ago
Beautiful!! That has got to be my favorite use of a pt cruiser! I wish you could drive with your car like that.
spikelvr412 years ago
Wow!! That is so amazing. Love it!
that is so cool!!
Can you modify it so that it's drivable? If so, what mods would be needed and what construction would be necessary?
OMG!! how you..ok i'll put out there YOUR CRAZY!!!!! who can make this stuff?!?!? (Besides you)
secretxax2 years ago
LOL, too bad you couldn't make a go-cart look like one...

been done :)
lol :D
Jedi91812 years ago
tinker2342 years ago
wow amazing could you make it out of metal and acutallly drive i have a old car i might mod to do this but i would like it to work
AMAZING! Very cool,thank you for sharing!
seanminator3 years ago
That is absolutely amazing. Not your average DJ!
gbredemeyer3 years ago
This is sweet, great work from start to finish!

-Graham, -the online community for makers.
nmoraga3 years ago
a thousand claps for you sir.
tutdude983 years ago
hahah you are crazy :D but in the positive mean
What ever happened to this? I mean after Halloween? Did you through it out, or take it apart, or give it away?
cwdito3 years ago
Es muyyyy buennnoooooo!!! No me canso de verlo y mostrarlo. Felicitaciones!!!
Hellwolve3 years ago
How did you ensure that the seperate pieces of the panel were angled the right way when folded down? Extra pieces of scrap wood, I suppose?
Amazing, can you actually drive it?
jerjod (author)  cowtasticfilms3 years ago
Unfortunately, I'd have to do some major modifications first (the wheels don't roll). It would be embarrassing if the batmobile started falling apart on the road.

I really loved the time machine you built! Nice job on the whole Back To The Future theme (one of my favorite movies).
I would so drive-thru Wendy's in that car.
zack2474 years ago
wow! that has to be the awesomest thing i have ever seen, you should have driven it around the block, imagine the looks that would get.
Im at a loss of words (appropriate ones) dude this is a work of genius. The fact that you made it out of everyday home depot stuff is amazing. My hats off to you.
rredmon4 years ago
I'm aMazed by the sheer scope of the project. I love yard haunting, and this, kind sir, is nothing short of magnificent.
OCLVig4 years ago
Dude, as a yard haunter and huge Batman fan, I just have to say you definitely deserved to win! Nice job!
thginkd4 years ago
im lost for words.....this is awsome.
fatrat6664 years ago
this is awsome
taterkiller4 years ago
sweet im gonna make it.......15 years later......its done
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