Picture of Make a wire Lizard
inspiration came from

I was asked by a friend to make a wire lizard...  so I modified the instructable (above) and this is the result...

sorry about the pictures. they were taken with my camera phone

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Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Gather materials
you will need 11 wires, aproximately 6-8 inches in length. I liborated these from cat5 ethernet cable.

Step 2: Starting the tail

Picture of starting the tail
starting with 5 wires. 
choose one and loosly wrap around the other 4 untill the end is completely finished

then start wrapping another wire.  if you are wrapping too loosly, you can press them together more
do this untill you are complete with all but 2 wires. 

Step 3: Finish the tail

Picture of finish the tail
the final two wires simply get twisted together to form the point of the tail. 
the tail will be aproximately 2x the length of the finished body. (more on that later) 

Step 4: Prepare the body and legs

Picture of prepare the body and legs
set the tail asside for now. 

and pick up all of the other wires (there should be 6) 
and fold them loosly in half

you want the loops to finish in the same direction. 

example if you have the top of the loop finishing on the right side (as I do)  then all of the loops should match this.

the finished product will look better if you do.

Step 5: Adding the body and legs

Picture of adding the body and legs
slip the loops over the untwisted tail wires and tighten as much as you can ( without killing yourself)
they will be very loose and confusing, the tighter you make them, the better the finished product will be

Step 6: Starting the body

Picture of starting the body
start with the very bottom wire, cross all of the wires and loop it around the front of the other wires. it should finish on the same side as it started, but in front of the other wires. 

complete this process with the next wire up from the bottom

this will make an x on the body of the lizard

the tighter you make these in the next few steps the happier you will be with the finished product

Thrasym2 years ago
I really want to start doing some weaving and braiding stuff. Interesting project. Shame there isn't a better picture of the finished lizard though.
Cute little lizard!
Thanks... it took me about 2 hours to modify from the scorpion plans