Make an Amazing MIDI Controller





Introduction: Make an Amazing MIDI Controller

** The hardware, coding, manufacturing, and price made this Instructable made it inaccessible to others, especially those just getting started with electronics. I rethought the design and created an updated document here.**



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    I am looking to have a very complex midi controller built. I am looking
    to emulate the mixing console in propellerhead reason 8. Here is an

    would have to have 24 channels, each with a motorized fader (which ,
    about 30 knobs each, and about 25 buttons each. basically laid out
    similar to the board, doesn't have to be exact, close enough is fine.

    the channels it would need the master section to the right, which would
    have a master fader, about 30 knobs and about 35 buttons.

    point me in the right direction, I could never build one of these
    myself, but understand the process to know that it wouldnt be incredibly
    hard for someone to do (well I am unsure about motorized faders, but
    everything becides that should be able to be done)

    can you give me the code and schematic? I don't have teensy, but I have arduino and a bunch of exotic stuff that suit this

    wow. love this one man. what are those vu meters? how are you driving them?

    they displayed the sum of low/mid/high
    ...just for aesthetic purposes

    Hey! Such a great work and project!

    I'm not a beginner with electronic stuff and I'm really interested to take a look of your hardware/firmware to make my own...maybe not with Arduino, with other MCU.
    Can you send me the whole project?

    Thx and nice work again

    hey did u ade this track by ur own??

    Hy FUzzy WOBBLE. i like the stuffs u made. i like it. even that i will try this circuit.. later. cuz i like the midi controllers. it will help me in making some cool songs.
    but i also need suggestions from u that now im pursuing the B.Tech in Electronics and communications. suggest me what should i do after it?/

    U own a Kp3.....Lucky. I have the Kaossilator pro, but the programs are not expandable in any way.

    Turns out im already subbed! Really looking forwrd to this project

    check in about two months.