Step 5: We've Got Power!

Picture of We've Got Power!
Now all you have to do is twist the rotating end of the drill, and you'll be generating electricity at the contact points where the battery would normally connect. 

The little plug symbol on this phone appears at around 5 volts, and shows that it's charging.  I decided to crank just fast enough to keep the charging symbol displayed, to reduce the risk of over voltage.  On my drill, a cranking speed of 100 RPM yielded about 5 volts DC.

I used some clamps to secure the device to a desk for better leverage.  Shorting out the leads on my multimeter returned a value of 5-6 volts at 7-8 amps.  That's a 40 watt human powered hand crank generator!

The faster and harder you can crank the drill, the higher the voltage, and more amperage you can extract. 

Ideally, this could be hooked up to a bike, water power, or even a windmill to generate effortless energy.  And if done carefully, the energy could be stored in a battery for later use!