Make an ocarina out of stock sheet wood

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With the dead line for the third Epilog challenge a few hours away this is the last instructable I will be able to enter.
The instructions in the challenge ask what I would do with an Epilog laser if I won.
I would clearly first learn how to use it, having never used one before.
Win or loose I will start making definite plans on starting a home based business.
Winning a laser cutter will give me not just a head start but also something to build up around giving me the ability to hit the ground running, so to speak.
Starting a business is not only difficult but rewarding as well, a part of the American dream to be successful and help those around you to become successful. and are helping many around the world be successful not only in their professional lives but in their personal lives as well by providing the sharing of information at no cost and the donation of equipment so people can achieve their dreams.
In closing I would like to thank the staff at instructables, Epilog, and the instructables community for making possible this opportunity and challenge (it was) to win a laser cutter.
and good luck to everyone.

In this instructable you will learn how to make a wood ocarina out of 1/8" sheet stock.
I have tried to make this the more comprehensive than my last 2 instructable's (carve and ocarina and PVC ocarina).
The reason is that using sheet wood you can make just about any size ocarina you want.
When making an ocarina in this fashion you can use this as a guide to make one using different dimensions.

materials list:
1/8" hard wood all pieces (I'm using cherry)
(1) 1 1/2" X 3 5/8" (top)
(1) 1 1/2" X 3 1/8" (bottom)
(1) 1 1/2" X 3/4" (front)
(2) 3 1/8" X 3/4" (sides)
(2) 1 1/4" X 3/4" (back + tuning)
(1) 1/2" X 1 1/2" (bottom airway)
medium CA (crazy glue)

Tools list:
1/2" chisel
steel ruler
small chisel
small skew chisel
100 & 220 sand paper
a unibit or various drill bits
a pencil
a drill
various small files

wood stain

U tube sound sample link
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Timothy957 months ago
I'm pretty sure this isn't how a ocarina is tuned. I have made a wood sweet potato ocarina ( , the notes are played by removing multiple fingers, it looks like you made it play different notes by only removing one finger, which makes the holes end up really big. On a sweet potato ocarina it's the sum of all the open holes that makes the notes, not just one big hole for each not. I have never made or played an inline ocarina though, they may be different. Anyway, pretty good instructable overall! I will try making one more or less like this sometime.
Also, I offset the holes to allow my big fingers to fit, and hold #4 is as small as it looks. Notes involving that hole are off key a bit, bigger holes would be problematic for the tiny fingers of my toddler.
I am getting my daughters some Ocarinas, though, I have to wait for them to be shipped... I have a 1 year old... who will eventually be playing as well. Tomorrow is her birthday, I wanted to see if I could find a way to make a decent, simple ocarina for her to make noise on. I have some wood left over from the Doll House I made for them a year or so ago, so... last night, and into the morning I made one of these... Though the fipple had to be filed down further and an improvised reed added due to bad job on the first fipple attempt (reed made from the same wood). Not cherry, but standard 3mm ply wood followed up with a oak stain. It sounds great. Spent a hour or so on the holes alone... tuning is interesting. Thank you for your outstanding instructable.
4-Hole Ocarina.JPG
coppertop82 years ago
Very awesome. You could a two more holes easily and then it could play an octave plus two notes higher.Making one now will tell you how it turns out.
ilpug2 years ago
Kind of a bummer you didn't win anything for this, it's awesome! i Will make this at some point, it is just to awesome to pass up!
Cool design. Im trying to make this. I do have one question: What did you use to cut the wood?
10$man3 years ago
That design on your ocarina, i think its a tree branch? anyways it looks great! what did you use to make it? dremel (i hope so, i want to make that design to XD)?
Omegablood (author)  10$man3 years ago
Thanks 10$man.
Yea it's a tree bush type thing. The top one I made with a V carving tool and the side one was made with a wood burner, the kind that look like soldering irons.
Unfortunately I didn't even make one of the finalist but thanks for the well wishes. :)
10$man3 years ago
I hope you win!, Your Ocarina tutorials are the best i have ever seen! tell us if you win!

(once you get on your way with that buisness i might think about buying a ocarina or 2 :) )
Omegablood (author) 3 years ago
Thanks! Here is the sound sample.
crossfire3 years ago
Very cool! But can we hear the sound aswell as the other ones?