video How To Make An Oil Lamp From A Can Of Tuna
Here's how to make an oil lamp out of a can of tuna. It will burn brightly for at least a couple of hours and the tuna isn't wasted either!
jbenfield14 years ago
Awesome emergency light, i've used it myself when we lost power here two winters ago (thank god we had gas heating, I may live in west tennessee but it still gets cold here. That year it wasn't unusual to get a negative 5 degree wind chill at night)
maxman4 years ago
This is one of the best Instructables I have ever seen. Can't wait to try it! And you can even eat the tuna.
maudie474 years ago
We do a similar thing to make a large quantity of table-top citronella "tiki" torches, using regular soup/veg cans. Whenever you open an old-style can, leave an inch or so attatched, then rinse the can and stack it in your workspace until you've got enough. Pierce the lid with an icepick; I think doing it from underneath improves the wicking, a bit, but makes it slightly more "dangerous" (and of course, keep kids and idiots away from the sharp can edges, too). push a bit of cotton clothesline (enough to reach the bottom of the can and leave a couple inches out. When you fill the can with tiki juice on-site, poke the wick in until there's only about a half-inch out to light.) To improve the safety, add a couple chunks of rock in the bottom so it's harder to blow over. Back when cat-food cans used to need can-openers, we used those; we'd tack 'em to the picnic table with J-B weld and a really short roofing nail on the bottom (or duck tape). We even considered making a chandelier for the picnic shelter, but never got around to it; maybe this year...
Blofish5 years ago
says video has been removed from metacafe....
daliad1007 years ago
I wonder: Is there any way of cooking the tuna on the oil from the can?
the video won't work!
fishhead4557 years ago
FLATULATIONS--Let there be light.
Atomic Shrimp (author)  fishhead4557 years ago
Atomic Shrimp (author)  Notbob7 years ago
'flatulations' = 'parp'

Never mind.
Awesome video once again! I like how you made the items just fade into the video, it looks really cool, I will have to try that when I'm making a video. Thanks for an awesome video, and an awesome video tip!
Atomic Shrimp (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Thanks. I actually stumbled on the fading effect by accident - I was just trying to trim the running time down by removing as much redundant footage as possible, but it turned out to work quite well - I might make a feature of it in future videos.
SWV17877 years ago
you should make a remark concening the fact that it has to be tuna packed in oil not water or you will have som idiot struggling for hours tring to light a wet peice of rope while his dinner spoils. but hey it is a neat idea for cooking fish and lighting your way at the same time.
Atomic Shrimp (author)  SWV17877 years ago
It does say in the video that it needs to be tuna in oil. (at about 3 seconds in).
bkblue137 years ago
Does this fill the room with a tuna smell?
Atomic Shrimp (author)  bkblue137 years ago
Admittedly, yes.
Nesagwa7 years ago
Wheres the oil? Im assuming regular canned tuna fish isnt flammable.
Its tuna in oil
Atomic Shrimp (author)  LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
That's correct - to make an Emergency Light, you need tuna in oil. If you use tuna in brine, it still works, but you end up with an Emergency Dark instead
Thats important information in an emergency!
Yes, it is. (@ Mangetout:) Very kewl instructable BTW!
tech-king7 years ago
why do i hear a voice saying Greek fire bomb?
Lftndbt7 years ago
Simplicity at its best... Well done... ;)