I will show you how to make the most realistic, durable airship Steampunk goggles from stuff out of your recycling bin. All you will need otherwise will be paint and some duct tape.

Step 1: Eye Pieces

For these you will need 2 milk bottles (aka milk jugs, water jugs) of the 3 litre (6 pints) size. Wash and dry them so you are not covered in sour milk smell.
very classy! as, im as soon as i get two milk jugs, I'm making a pair!
Very neat. I've been looking for some easier steampunk airship goggles, and I think these fit the bill perfectly.
We went to the great White Mischief Steampunk night at Kings Cross and I was able to give my goggles their first outing. Many other gogglers there of course and loads of balloons so my lady balloon pilot outfit fitted right in! see at flickr <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/8946321@N07/2564942303/">http://www.flickr.com/photos/8946321@N07/2564942303/</a><br/>
lets see it on a model please! great i'ble add it to green contest!
Duck-lemon, your wish is my command. now please ask your friends to vote for Greensteam's goggles! I am so pleased to get such a warm welcome for my first instructable. More greensteampunkery on the way. Greensteam
dude so cool voted and 5 star rating.
Cool ideas there!
Pretty cool! Hope to see more from you!

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Bio: Aiming to get a Show and tell maker fair going in March 2009. Anyone in UK or willing to travel, please let me know.
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