I recently started practicing meditation as part of a class at my university. In class we have access to meditation pillows (or zafus) which we use, but outside of class period I have no access to them.
Buying a zafu of my own didn't seem like a reasonable option since even the cheap ones start around $30 a piece, and I need to use two. The two zafus I made ended up costing me less than $20 each, but it may cost more if you need to purchase fabric.

The following is based on directions I found online to make your own zafu. That link is only one of many sites with the same guide.
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Step 1: Getting the parts

There are two components to a zafu: the stuffing and the cloth that the stuffing goes in.

Typical stuffings for zafus are buckwheat hulls and kapok fiber. I opted for buckwheat hulls, which I purchased from, because they were cheaper and seemed less likely to make a huge mess. 10lbs of buckwheat hulls cost me $35.05 with shipping.

I was going to stop by a local fabric store to find something to use but before I made it to the store my SO picked up a giant piece of fabric that was on the "free rack" in our university's theatre.

You will also need a sewing machine and the ability to hand stitch.
alejandrosxe.jimenez made it!2 months ago

Thank you for the information! Zafus y cojines de meditacion

Norahbelle made it!8 months ago

Thank you for the great instructable.. the pillow is very comfortable with the buckwheat filling!

ChrysN2 years ago
Nice! Zafus are really comfortable. I would have never thought to make my own, nicely done.