You and your friends will be kicking goals with this fully functional Foosball Table.
It’s a quick and easy project, and there’ll be hours of play once the making is done.
We’ve used a fruit box, some cardboard tubes, stiff card and Makedo parts available from mymakedo.com 

Step 1: Saw

To create the rods for your Cardboard Foosball Table, use the Makedo Safe-saw and cut 2 slits on each end of your paper tube leaving enough space for your hand to hold on to. Ensure that the slit is cut only half way through the tube.
<p>easy peasy but very functional and best at classrooms</p>
Cute Gonna Try If Couple Of Friends Want To!!
<p>Yes, only if you have a paid membership can you DL the PDFs. This is really cool. Would make an awesome project to do with the little ones. Thanks for the cool instructable.</p>
Pretty cool
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why cant i download the PDF file?
Hi there, I'm not 100% sure on this but is think only pro membership users can download the PDF? Don't worry you can also download the PDF from here. :D Hope it helps. <br>http://mymakedo.com/inspiration-insight/how-to-make-cardboard-foosball-table.html
now... we just need a bubble hockey table...
This is so cool! I will have to start collecting the materials.
That is very clever

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