Create your own Makedo Cardboard Christmas tree these holidays. All you have to do is download the template file available here on instructables and go to www.make.do for some Makedo cardboard construction tools.

Step 1: Makedo Christmas tree template!

Download this template file (pdf below) to start making your Makedo Christmas tree. :)

<p>made on my silhouette loved it thanks!</p>
How? I have silhouette did it cut cardboard? And that big? Thx
<p>I made it. Kind of. Got the basic info from their website then added and subtracted to fit our area. Plus added lights inside and a trunk. Popped holes for lights to shine out. </p>
<p>What is the width at the widest part? i have limited space and wanted to do something like this instead of a traditional tree.</p>
I cut where I was suppose to fold along the sides. So I used duck tape on the inside and packing tape on the outside.
<p>Made it, and added holes and a desk lamp in it ! It really looks awesome, thanks for the pattern ! </p><p>From Strasbourg, France</p>
<p>Decorated with a lighting garland some origami, christmas cards and little Christmas things</p>
Wow. Looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.
i made a little paper one for the office. Its held together with tape.
<p>loved it thanks</p>
<p>I suspect this would also work with <em>McGroovy's </em>connectors or even oversized envelope clasps</p>
<p>I made this christmas tree with coroplast and illuminated it with Philips Hue. Loved it!!!!</p>
une tr&egrave;s bonne id&eacute;e : merci pour le partage !... je cherche des freebies sur le web, mais je recherche aussi des cr&eacute;ations &quot;faciles&quot; : mon but est de permettre aux gens qui n'ont pas beaucoup d'argent, ou qui d&eacute;butent le bricolage, de cr&eacute;er des choses simples, ne demandant pas d'outils &quot;exceptionnels&quot; ni trop de mat&eacute;riel, et ce sapin est parfait pour cela... lorsque je trouve des choses qui me plaisent, je partage mes &quot;bonnes adresses&quot; : la v&ocirc;tre y sera !... http://pinterest.com/lemondedis/ (j'ai d&eacute;j&agrave; plus de 12000 liens vers des t&eacute;l&eacute;chargements gratuits et quelques autres milliers vers des projets de cr&eacute;ation !)
C'est une bonne id&eacute;e en effet ! Lovely to see your post in French. My 7 year old and 4 year old grandchildren go to French school (no English spoken at the school.) I will ask them to help me with some of the words that I don't know. They may write back to you in French too. Please do your best to read it because they are just learning to spell.
Merci beaucoup. Excuse my french, it is terrible. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, we also love making projects that are accessible and easy for people to make out of everyday materials, often things found around the home. We're on pinterest too. Check it out sometime http://pinterest.com/makedo
See it decorated !! :)
LOL! Fun idea Gloria ;0)
Wow! Great to see it painted and decorated. A costume, great idea. We'll have to do that sometime. Thanks for sharing.
Clever! Purolator and FedEx would be proud ;0) Thanks so much for posting. Very creative!
see it as a costume :)
I did it yesterday!! but with a custom design for my son to wear it :))) see it attached
Ah! i've got it working! thank you so much!
I have tried for 30 minutes to buy this somewhere--anywhere online and it isn't available. Is there a reason or a place I can go? I've gone directly to the makedo.com site, amazon and wherever else google would take me.
That's great that you are so keen! <br>The idea is that you find your own materials locally, close to your home. It may be cardboard boxes or sheets, reclaimed packaging or even old advertising panels. You can then make your own tree following these instructions along with Makedo parts to connect it all together. <br>We suggest using the Makedo Kit for Three for this creation. <br>
Check out our Instructable for the <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Makedo-Mini-Cardboard-Christmas-Tree/" rel="nofollow">Mini Makedo Cardboard Christmas Tree!&nbsp;</a><br> <br> It's a table-top version of the coolest DIY tree in town.
es una buena idea y me gustaria implementarla en mi casa con i famia
Nice! I like it plain and clean like this, but there are endless ways to decorate it.
Thanks! We do too, though we made some decorative baubles too (for any tree) using coloured bottle caps, coffee cups and cup cake liners, will have to share that also soon.
Totally cool!
Thanks macadog!
Yey nice tree, I have halved the scale for spacial reasons, but it looks pretty cool. Now it had decorations on, it looks even cuter. <br><br>Thanks to Makedo for saving Christmas
I love the concept behind makedo! What a brilliant way to tap people's imaginations &amp; repurpose ubiquitous &quot;waste&quot; materials at the same time. Great design all the way down to the packaging. Me likey :).
Absolutely love this instructalbe. Great way to recycle cardboard. Great way to have a &quot;tree&quot; and then be able to store it flat, or send to the recycle bin at the end of the season. <br>Thanks for the template and great pictures.
I just did the calculation and you need 13400mm of cardboard! whoa!<br><br>that aside... it is a great idea! I love it and will be making one.. i will post pics once done.<br><br>I just need to know what scale the paper is to be printed at? becuase this is of epic proportions one would need to print it out on several A1 sheets or break it up.<br><br>...or you could provide us with a scale perhaps?<br><br>I will probably be projecting the image via video projector across the room on to some cardboard roll until the scale is correct.... then trace a template... rinse and repeat on the floor until all are traced..
Hello! Love the enthusiam! :) The size of the template is scaled at 10% of original size. The easiest method of execution which we followed was to measure and draw out each individual triangle and cut them out. Then simply using these triangles as a tracing template for the remaining triangle panels required. <br><br>We can't wait to see the images you post. :)
I could see spray painting it three shades of green, and decorating it with greeting cards from the previous year with space for the new ones this year.<br><br>One question: Why is the size from the smallest to the medium only increased by 125mm, when it's increased to 225 from the medium to the large? The final tree looked out of proportion to me, and I looked back at the pattern and the heights were 450mm, 675mm and 900mm. Perhaps 850mm would make it look more gradual. <br><br>Cool idea!
Hello,<br>Makedo is all about creative play and endless possibilities. This instructable is simply a guide so feel free to adjust it anyway you want. <br>Can't wait to see the final result. :)<br>
This is so cool! I am going to make a small table-top version of it!
@makedo-able; Hi! Cute idea. But I am totally curious is it called &quot;Makedo&quot; because it is &quot;Make Do&quot; in English or Makedo in Japanese? <br><br>Cheers! :)<br>Site
Hi! We are called makedo as in &quot;make do&quot; in English but many people read it as makedo in Japanese. The way people read it has aways intrigued us and we don't mind at all at how it is pronounced. :)
its like middlecrisis tree?.....hahahah....anyway a good paintjob will make it more fancy....happy hollydays
Wow, good idea for university students I guess :p Very creative use for cardboard, I would paint it green though :)
I liked so much, Congratulations :) Sure I do &quot;!
that is really cool

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