This Christmas I wanted to give gifts to the men in my family in a more unique and fun way. Of course this is not limited to gifts for men. I came up with a solid wooden crate that utilized a mini prybar in order to get to the goods within (they also got to keep the prybar afterwards). The gift was practically free, using a pallet (you know how popular pallet projects are right now) and other tools and nails I already had.

The instructions that follow are meant to be more of a guideline. Pallet wood come in all kinds of thicknesses and widths and you may have to adjust your design to fit your materials.

Step 1: What You Will Need


  • 1 Pallet (this was enough to make 2 MAN CRATES, but will depend on the size you make the crate and how large the pallet is)
  • gift to be contained in MAN CRATE
  • mini prybar (optional) to open the gift and to give away with gift

  • prybar
  • hammer
  • saw (I used a table saw with a homemade cross-cut sled, but any other saw will work, i.e. circular saw, mitre saw, band saw, jig saw or a good old fashioned handsaw)
  • nails (I used an air nailer with brads, but some finish nails with a hammer will work just as well. The reason I used brads or suggest finish nails is to leave a smaller hole in the wood so they basically become invisible.)
  • sandpaper (120 or 80 grit)
  • tape measure/ruler
  • pencil/pen
  • spray paint (optional)
  • cardstock or cardboard for stencils (optional)
Great idea.....put hinges on the top and it can be repurposed for storage....maybe the tools given as gifts?
I loved this project, made it for my brother in law. it housed his Christmas presents.
easy to make and will be a unique way to deliver a present
<p>One request. What is instead of using wood, what is each board was made from paper or card stock? From 3 feet away you had no idea it was paper until you pick it up. Card stocker modelers have been making every object from paper. That would be taking this extremely interesting article even more. Just an idea. wc </p>
Brilliant idea much better thsn wrapping things!
Hope the bro-in-law likes it!
Awesome! Glad you made it and took a photo. Great job!
Harbor Freight crow bars are cheaper
<p>where did you find the crowbars?</p>
Sears. They are Craftsman.
<p>Damn awesome design, just in time for father's day. Thanks!</p>
<p>Cool design. Now I know what im gonna put my familys christmas presents in (pry bar not included)</p>
awesome idea, might use this as a cool looking way for transporting robots
<p>Great Idea, thanks for sharing</p>
<p>LIKED IT</p>
<p>I really enjoy recycle projects, and this one was excellent. </p>
Great idea and nice execution. I'll definitely try it.
<p>What a great idea to make and sell at yard sales. It would also be great with a toy dinosaur inside like you are shipping it from Jurassic Park.</p>
My brother and I are always trying to one up each other when it comes to wrapping our Christmas presents to each other. Last cristmas my present from him was wrapped in 20 boxes, all individually wrapped (think Russian nesting doll). <br><br>I think next Christmas I'll be making a few of these, one inside the other, but I'll be using wood glue and lag bolts. Great instructable.
<p>Great build. I just made up something similar for my bro's b-day. Mine was based on an old Martini-Henry cartridge case though. Your's seems a bit less complicated. Nice.</p>
<p>Super! My son in law loves the likes of Call of Duty and all that army stuff so will be using this guide for his birthday present! Awesome idea :) </p>
<p>Awesome! Be sure to add a photo of the finished project. Would love to see it!</p>
<p>Love the man crate...just wondering what you put inside! :))) </p>
<p>I gave a total of 4 of these out during the Christmas Season. The things inside ranged from bungee cords, glue, small clamps, microfiber cloths, utility knives, small liquor bottles, work gloves, goof off, electrical tape, etc.</p>
great job! great idea!

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