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I thought this might make a good first Instructable after the amazing reception it got at Spiders Nightclub's Halloween Party. I'd wanted to do something like this for a couple of years but never got around to it in time for previous Halloweens. It took a few days but most of the time was looking at shark pictures on Google and making little paper maquettes of the shark to try and work out scale and construction. I used an Action Man (GI Joe in US) doll to get human proportions but everything would be much easier if there were two people involved so you could measure up on a live model. By the way, I am very old so a trip to some old boxes in the attic dug up an Action Man of early 1970s vintage. I believe Action Man/GI Joe nowadays would only be useful for pattern making if you are a giant steroid-filled bodybuilder.

I would highly recommend getting a friend to help whenever you have to try the pieces on for fit, it'll save a lot of time. I'm the kind of person who visits instructables a lot and thinks that spending the week before Halloween building a large and impractical costume is a better idea than going out and talking to people so consequently I have no friends to help out.

All the proportions and patterns are designed to fit a skinny person like myself, not much of a meal for a shark! YMMV.
DANHOENIG10 months ago

with just a few days left to Halloween, of course I waited till the very end, how can I rent this Shark costume from you.


airpaint (author)  DANHOENIG10 months ago
Where are you from? I live in the UK so if you're in the US I'm afraid it'd be prohibitively expensive to start sending sharks across the Atlantic!
DANHOENIG airpaint10 months ago
Hi, and thank you for getting back to me.
I am in Miami Beach, Fla.
Just wondering what Fed Ex would charge to get it there by Friday. I know it's not heavy, just bulky.
Thank you again.
always funny when u get an email with someone in your local nightclub lol spiders is so easy to recognise anywhere lol
pheenix423 years ago
airpaint (author)  pheenix423 years ago
SNL stuff is pretty much unknown here in the UK but I was introduced to classic SNL back in the 80s. The Landshark was one of my all time favourites and my GF very kindly bought me a Landshark t-shirt ( off the internet and despite not really having a clue what I was talking about! ) this Christmas :)
I haven't paid attention to the instructions, i only looked at your fabulous costume. wondering, can you walk when you are wearing it?
airpaint (author)  porcupinemamma4 years ago
Lol, not really! If you read the instructions you'll find the bit where I mention the awkward penguin waddle. I did have to walk a few hundred yards and then queue to get in to the nightclub and then I was wandering around for hours in there so it's perfectly doable, just ungainly. On the whole I found it added to the effect as I rocked and shuffled through the crowd it seemed to attract attention and laughter. Stairs are very tricky though as leg movement forwards/upwards is fairly limited by the flexibility of the foam rubber. It was only four or five steps up into the club and that was plenty...
now all you have to do is wear an old flannel shirt and hat, and hire out a large fishing boat!

(500 points for the reference!)
Love it!!
airpaint (author)  AlternateLives4 years ago
Ah, OK, I'm lost on this one. Was a childhood Batman fan, not so much in to shark films, lol. I'm sure something like that happens in one of the assorted Jaws films but the hat just made me think of the Old Man and the Sea although I think he had a small boat and the sharks only ate his Marlin.
Quint from Jaws!

-500 points!
airpaint (author)  AlternateLives4 years ago
Oh well, it is more than 20 years since I last saw Jaws and for some reason I was thinking of a wide-brimmed sun hat, never thought of the peaked cap.
True, true...

by the way, nice costume!
LOL! Ingenious. Well done!!!
Arbitror4 years ago
airpaint (author)  Arbitror4 years ago
Ta for the support!
Spydamonky4 years ago
airpaint (author)  Spydamonky4 years ago
Hand me down the shark repellant bat spray!
airpaint (author)  the_burrito_master4 years ago
Awesome, my very first instructable and possibly the best comment I've ever seen on here, thanks! I'd forgotten all about that so now I'm off to Google to see if I can find a still of that scene to bring back childhood memories. A great moment in cinema history.
airpaint (author)  airpaint4 years ago
Found it... all copyrights credited to original owners, creators, etc, nowt to do with me :)
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hahahaha I wasn't expecting you'd know about it. Next year dress up like batman and have the shark on !
plugable4 years ago
What a great idea! I think most of us had tought in some custome like a monster or a beast eating us in some time of our lives. But your costume has fullfilled my expectations so far!
airpaint (author)  plugable4 years ago