(Mario Bros) Piranha Plant Cupcake

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Introducing the Piranha Plant, (from Mario Brothers), Cupcake!  If you do this, I suggest that you only make one, and for the birthday kid/adult.  Because these take a long time and a lot of babysitting.  Oh, and...maybe you don't want to make it as scary as mine is.  I have no idea what happened, but it totally looks like the teeth are coming out of the plant's gums and it looks like a creepy mouth.

Okay, I was going to do the Little Shop of Horror's Audrey II, after I tried out this cutie plant.  But then I realized it would be redundant, so I settled for my bright-mario-killer-plant cupcake!  This is only my second time working with fondant, the first, being my husband's pimp stormtrooper cheesecake. I made marshmallow fondant because I read online that it tastes better, and they are totally correct.  I love this stuff!

The cool thing about it is that you can eat the whole thing, no warnings when you serve it.  I used pretzels for the leaves and plant stem.  I always utilize pretzels and their shapes when it comes to building with food because they are stable and taste good.  :)

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Step 1: Be ready.

Picture of Be ready.
Have your cupcake made, have your marshmallow fondant ready, dyed and mold-able.  

For this you will need-----

Red, Green and White Marshmallow Fondant
2 thin stick pretzels
1 thick stick pretzel
some icing around the cupcake for fondant to stick
Piping Gel - to use as glue
toothpicks for piping gel

Step 2: Pieces!

Picture of Pieces!
Make your pot/tunnel/pipe out of flattened green fondant and separate a thinner/more narrow strip to use as the top of the pipe.  Do your cupcake bottom, so that your base of the cupcake is out of the way.  Use frosting to hold the fondant to the cupcake.

Next, use the white and make lots of teeth, if you don't use them all, just eat them!

Make some white dots, smooth and flatten them with your fingers.  

Make the "lips" with two snake-like rolls of fondant.

Then get your pretzels and use some green fondant to shape your leaves around.  (2)
special cupcake
nicely done
omg! PARAHNA plant!
bakesalot3 years ago
LOL that's cute (:
Congrats! I'll have to remember the tip about using pretzels... great idea ! My son saw these and was screaming MARIO!!!
copilarim3 years ago
;)) a sweet pirahna:D
ekosmas3 years ago
Reeeeeaaally awesome. The icing job is perfect!!
Good job!
howiedowie3 years ago
Awesooome, I actually like it that the teeth look so creepy:)))
ffrancis3 years ago
So awesome! I only wish I'd seen this about a year and a half ago. I was in a production of Little Shop and I made Audrey II cupcakes for the cast party, these are so much more professional looking than mine were... haha. Beautiful work, I love them. :D
Great work, brilliant idea to use pretzel sticks, so it is safe to eat the whole thing!
Kaiven3 years ago
It's beautiful :O It look so awesome!
maullove3 years ago
Oh gosh, this is amazing and awesome. So voting for it! Only problem is that it looks too incredible to eat!
kristylynn84 (author)  maullove3 years ago
you are pretty much correct. LOL! too much sugar! i will post a "dead plant" pic soon :D
lambsb3 years ago
I clicked the video expecting to see it come out of the pipe and chomp a few times and go back in lol. Very clever and well presented. Hmmm now I'm hungry...
Ninzerbean3 years ago
There doesn't seem to be a recipe for the marshmallow fondant - is it something you have to buy? I have never seen it.

Super easy to make and work with
ytashi3 years ago
dear ms super creative/genius, im gonna vote for u.. confirm? double confirm! heheheh!
kristylynn84 (author)  ytashi3 years ago
<3 then i will vote for you too! hurry up and make some cupcakes! :D
tchitwood3 years ago
This is awesome! :) I'm making a Mario Bros. cake soon and this is a great inspiration. Wonderful idea to use the pretzels!
kristylynn84 (author)  tchitwood3 years ago
you have to post it when you're done, wow. :D
I will! I'd love to go old school but it's for a little boy who just got into Super Mario Galaxy, which is still cool. :) Beginning planning for that soon, right now working on pieces for a Barbie Mermaid cake for a friend's daughter. So much pink and bling but so far a lot of fun.
kristylynn84 (author) 3 years ago
thank you guys!! :) <3
wilgubeast3 years ago
Oh wow. These are spectacular. Good thing there's no bacon involved, otherwise you might have broken the internet with sheer awesomeness.
kristylynn84 (author)  wilgubeast3 years ago
hahah, maybe feed him bacon, to get him ready for mario appetite? :P
poofrabbit3 years ago
OMG I love this!!! VERY well done, I am going to have to try this once I finally learn how to handle fondant well.
kristylynn84 (author)  poofrabbit3 years ago
don't wait! it's just powdered sugar, marshmallows. play with it! :)
angelabchua3 years ago
you have got to be kidding me?! this is friggin amazing. It doesnt even look like food, it looks that real! amazing work
Wow - such a great job!
Mrballeng3 years ago
I'm afraid to get near it. At least without a fire flower. Great job.
Awesome! The finished product is so adorable. :D
splazem3 years ago
There goes our chances of winning. :) Great job!
mary candy3 years ago
very funny!