Picture of Mario Brothers Piranha Plant Earrings!
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Piranha Plant Earrings!

I absolutely love Mario Brothers.
And I absolutely love geek inspired crafts.

These Piranha Plant earrings are my favorite to date!

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Let's make some.

You will need:
RED, GREEN and WHITE polymer clay
1 toothpick cut in half
2 Earring studs (and backs)
hobby knife
Igioteno6 months ago
I've got to say, i thought those were Christmas trees!
Vetcilisak made it!1 year ago

I'm using Google Translator.
I did and this is the result, thank you very much, it's my first time with polymer clay and loved.

Sajil1 year ago
oh ha ha ha ha
really awesome nat !!
lov'in it
ynze made it!1 year ago

Made them! Thanks for sharing :-)

Making them was my first-ever project with polymer clay. It took me about 2,5 hours and boy, it's difficult to keep fingers and colours clean...

doodlecraft (author)  ynze1 year ago

Awesome! You did a great job...love the teeth! Pretty incredible for your first-ever clay project! Nice!

:-) And thanks for the patch!!

Those are awesome earrings!

xenor1 year ago

Awesome! Those are fantastic. Nice work.

zigmanuir1 year ago

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Love these silly earrings!

1 billion points! You win the internet! Best Instructable ever!

Please sell these on etsy!

They already are, just by another seller: http://www.etsy.com/listing/78730593/the-original-youch-piranha-plant

doodlecraft (author)  ElizabethGreene1 year ago

Your comment made my DAY! Thank you! If I get some more supplies I could start selling them...thanks,

Nat :)

colargolet1 year ago


Are they heavy? Polymer clay usually gets kind of heavy on the ears every time I make them.

They look amazing!!

ynze1 year ago

Ow wonderful. I know a present for a soon-to-be 14 year old :-)


Very cute! I've seen these before, but never how to make them; thanks for sharing a tutorial!