Picture of Mario Question Block Light
This is my first instructable, so bear with me.  My project is an 8x8 cube light inspired by the Mario Bros question block.  It took me about a month to complete, mainly cause I am easily distracted. Each cube took around 3-5 hours to complete.
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Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
2 - 8" clear acrylic cubes (Amazon)
4 - 8" clear acrylic squares (Etsy)
350 - orange 1/2" square tile (Etsy)
350 - black 1/2" square tile (Etsy)
super glue

2 - plastic wiring boxes
2 - light sockets
2 - nipples
2 - locking nuts
2 - 12ft extension cords/lamp wires
2 - light bulbs (LED or CFL)

Step 2: Prep the Parts

Picture of Prep the Parts
The custom orange tiles I got (from Etsy) were not the right color orange that I needed, so I ended up spraying them a darker orange (hard to tell from the picture, but side by side you can see the super bright vs the painted dark orange).  The 3 colors used for the cube are a cheese orange/yellow, pumpkin dark orange and black.  The inside box got colored cheese, while the tiles needed a coating of pumpkin to give the right contrast.  After everything dried it was on to assembly.

Step 3: Assemble the Body

Picture of Assemble the Body
A straight edge is crucial to get everything lined up.  It took an hour per side to complete doing 3 sides per cube.  I used a print out of the block I found online and blew it up to scale (I wasn't worried about it being pixelated :P)  A little dab of super glue on each tile and they are set.  Once its down, theres no going back, that glue dried fast and strong!
mdale14 years ago
Can't seem to find the tiles on Etsy or anywhere else.
Anyway you could provide a link?
phdearthworm (author)  mdale14 years ago
I got these back when Etsy used to let you use Alchemy to post what you need and have the vendor come to you. I used SundrySupply for the 1/2" tiles and A Pile of Hats for the square tops.  I'm sure either of those could get you what you need upon request.  They cost about $60 and $25 respectively.
wilderv24 years ago
could you post a link to where you got the boxes, i've searched amazon but found nothing similar to it
phdearthworm (author)  wilderv24 years ago
Sure, I listed it next to the Parts. Its from a company called Azar.
Kiteman4 years ago
Where did you source the cubes?
phdearthworm (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
They are available on Amazon for $16.