I made one of these log bird feeders many years ago. I wanted it to look like a lantern, but it is not lighted, so it is just a bird feeder. Maybe next time the roof will have solar panels for lights?

This Mason Jar Contest jogged my memory, so I decided to make another one and write my first instructable. Better late than never. One day left......

The first bird feeder I made lasted for about 10 years before the wood weathered and just fell apart. I love the rustic look of it, super cheap to make, easy to fill. The more weathered it gets, the more the birds love it.

This bird feeder is meant for tiny birds, like Chickadees and Finches. You can fill it with regular bird seed (the small yellow seeds) or sunflower seeds. This will not work for thistle seed.

If you don't have a round log to build with, you can improvise with any old scrap wood. See the last step of this instructable for alternative wood suggestions.

Thank you, Instructables, for having such a cool program!

Step 1: Tools & Materials


  • Saw: If you don't have a bandsaw, you can use a regular hand saw or a chain saw.
  • Drill Press or Electric Drill: For drilling rope holes and seed cups.
  • Drill Bit (large): Bit should be a little larger than whatever rope you use so the roof can slide up easily.
  • Drill Bit (small) or Punch: For drilling holes in metal ring. You could also use a punch.
  • Forstner or Spade Bit: To be used to drill the little cups that the seed falls into. The bigger the better. We used 1-1/4" forstner bit.
  • Hot Glue Gun: For securing the knots and hook.
  • Wire Cutter: For cutting the wire
  • Pliers: For shaping the wire


  • Log: We used a 9" diameter black ash log. You can go larger, but I wouldn't go smaller in diameter.
  • Wide Mouth Quart Mason Jar with metal ring.
  • Screws: You will need (4) four small brass screws to secure the jar ring to base.
  • Sanding pad and/or sandpaper: To sand off base and roof slightly, but not necessary.
  • Spar Varnish: To be applied to roof only. You can either spray some on, or paint it onto the roof. Spar varnish has UV protection and is perfect for wood that will be outside. Apply several coats.
  • Mineral Oil: This will be applied to the base and must be bird-friendly. Food grade works best.
  • Rope: I used jute because of its rustic appearance. You can use clothesline, poly cord or chain.
  • Wire or Coat Hanger: Heavy gauge wire to make the hook or loop on top. You can also use a coat hanger.
  • Paper: One sheet of paper to make template for rope holes in top and bottom.
  • Pencil: To mark on wood for drilling. You can also use a magic marker like I did, but it is harder to sand off.


nice for bird , chicken soup for my soul. Thank you <br>i've to make this rightnow , for bird and for my soul.
This was an excellent instructable! Your win was well-deserved. Congratulations!
<p>I am totally freaking out. I didn't know I won until I got your message. I received an email saying that I was a finalist. Thank you so much The Green Gentleman, and thanks to everyone who viewed, voted, and made comments. Everyone is so nice here. I will definitely make more Instructables. This is absolutely great fun! I look forward to sharing more stuff and projects with everybody.</p>
My daughter to my wife: &quot;Daddy lost to the cute bird feeder. It was really cool.&quot; Children can be so accurate.
<p>It wasn't me. It was the bird!</p>
<p>Nah, it was you!</p>
<p>Congratz. You did a great Job</p>
<p>Thanks Firefighter!</p>
Congrats on your win! Very excited to make this feeder one cold dreary winter day
<p>Thank you for your nice comment! Let me know if I can help!</p>
I just love this! Thank you so much for the easy to understand instructions. I think this is a darling yet rustic feeder!
<p>Thanks for leaving a comment! People are really nice here. Gives me incentive to write more instructables.</p>
<p>Great job, on the project and the instructable. I like your style.</p>
<p>I clicked on your link. I live just south of you, in Carlton, MN. Pretty cool, huh?</p>
No kidding, I'm halfway between thunder bay and duluth, how you like this weather?
<p>I drive an 18-wheeler and froze up tonight from my way back from the cities and had to get towed, but I thawed out the kitchen water pipes before I left, and left the water running so I can make coffee in the morning! Yup. Love it.</p>
<p>Thanks Henge. More to come......</p>
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<p>This is simple, and elegant. Good photography, and a super cute bird! I'm going to show this to my kids!</p>
Super nice!
<p>Thanks Smorgsborg!</p>
<p>This is a beautiful project, and your documentation is excellent. I hope you'll share more of your work with us! </p>
<p>I have tons of projects to share. Time factor......</p>
What a great idea!! I will be making one of these asap
<p>Give me a hollar if you need help!</p>
Voted for you in the contest ;)
<p>Thank you!</p>
Great job!<br>FYI, mineral oil is actually a petroleum product. It may be safe, I don't know, but linseed oil or butcher block oil may be better.
<p>I bought a bunch of Food Grade Mineral Oil for the cutting boards and cheese cutters I make out of log slices. You can actually drink it, and some people use it for constipation, and as a massage oil. It is sold in most drug stores. Many butcher block oils are made with it, with a dash of orange oil and other oils. I am fairly confident that it is ok for the birds. Better than varnish. Thanks for your comment!</p>
<p>Great Idea; Even better execution !</p><p>Those birds are going to eat in Style Eh?</p><p>Grats on your first Instructable !</p>
<p>Wow. Thanks. Just uploaded it a few hours ago. This is fun.</p>
<p>I know eh? :D Hope to see more !</p>

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