This started out as a quick picture I scribbled out just for laughs. Since then it had been swimming in my head for a while until I suddenly realized I had a matching pair of pewter steins and a drink helmet sitting around doing nothing. I had been wanting to learn a few more legitimate prop building techniques so I searched around online and found a cosplay crafting method of using craft foam and acrylic paint to fake metal armor. A few days later the Dwarven Mead Helm was a reality.
     This helmet is based off of the design of Gimli's helmet in the Lord Of The Rings movies. Because who likes their mead? Dwarves like their mead. And what piece of dwarven crafted armor is more recognizable than Gimli's helmet? Of course this technique could easily be used to craft all manner of anachronistic beer helmets, like a Plastered Pict, Inebriated Knight, Soused Samurai, Smashed Spartan or even a Brovahkiin helmet (Brews Ro Dah!).

Step 1: Beginning Thy Quest

Before setting off for adventure, be sure to equip yourself for the journey ahead.

X-acto Knife
Heat Gun (or other SAFE heat source)
Stencils - I got a few from this costume research site that worked quite well for the cheek guard and that crest up front.

Drink Helmet
2 Matching Tankards - Since it's hard to clean these out once they're on the helmet, try to find a pair that will fit the whole drink
     can inside. If not, I'd suggest finding some half-sized drink cans or water bottles to keep inside.
Elmer's Glue-all
Acrylic Paint
Craft Foam - Sheets both 1/4" and 1/8" thick, They are sold in craft stores but for larger sheets you may have to go online.
Zip Ties
Pleather scraps

Start by stripping your helmet of its cup holders and vizor. Any way goes so long as the rest of the helmet remains in one piece. I wound up using pliers and a small handsaw for this.

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