Picture of Medieval Fantasy Beer Helmet
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     This started out as a quick picture I scribbled out just for laughs. Since then it had been swimming in my head for a while until I suddenly realized I had a matching pair of pewter steins and a drink helmet sitting around doing nothing. I had been wanting to learn a few more legitimate prop building techniques so I searched around online and found a cosplay crafting method of using craft foam and acrylic paint to fake metal armor. A few days later the Dwarven Mead Helm was a reality.
     This helmet is based off of the design of Gimli's helmet in the Lord Of The Rings movies. Because who likes their mead? Dwarves like their mead. And what piece of dwarven crafted armor is more recognizable than Gimli's helmet? Of course this technique could easily be used to craft all manner of anachronistic beer helmets, like a Plastered Pict, Inebriated Knight, Soused Samurai, Smashed Spartan or even a Brovahkiin helmet (Brews Ro Dah!).

Step 1: Beginning Thy Quest

Picture of Beginning Thy Quest
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MeadHelm (4).JPG
MeadHelm (5).JPG
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Before setting off for adventure, be sure to equip yourself for the journey ahead.

X-acto Knife
Heat Gun (or other SAFE heat source)
Stencils - I got a few from this costume research site that worked quite well for the cheek guard and that crest up front.

Drink Helmet
2 Matching Tankards - Since it's hard to clean these out once they're on the helmet, try to find a pair that will fit the whole drink
     can inside. If not, I'd suggest finding some half-sized drink cans or water bottles to keep inside.
Elmer's Glue-all
Acrylic Paint
Craft Foam - Sheets both 1/4" and 1/8" thick, They are sold in craft stores but for larger sheets you may have to go online.
Zip Ties
Pleather scraps

Start by stripping your helmet of its cup holders and vizor. Any way goes so long as the rest of the helmet remains in one piece. I wound up using pliers and a small handsaw for this.

Saw this being worn at Renaissance Faire and Loved it! Just amazing and hilarious. Well done.

DucttapeNinja (author)  eric.atkinson1 year ago

Heh, that was probably actually me. I thought I heard someone talking about instructables while I was there.

Subdood1 year ago
Amazing. I am making a collection called awesome, and this is the first one I put on it.
Wow.... amazing. Now this is creativity when you can make this from a baseball helmet.
Lorddrake2 years ago
This is so cool! all that is missing is covering up the plastic tubing but I can see that topic has already been addressed in the previous comments. Looking forward to seeing what you finally decide to do for a cover up.
poofrabbit2 years ago
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
Puma682 years ago
You got my vote.
And my axe!
you made my day :P
fetech2 years ago
Using tubing of the brown latex (medical supply) might make one think of veins or such retrieved from butchered animals. That should be appropriate for the time period.
kibukun fetech2 years ago
Wouldn't that make the drink taste strange?
fetech kibukun2 years ago
I really don't know. However, I suppose if one drank enough of the right drink it wouldn't matter after awhile.
kibukun fetech2 years ago
It does if you don't plan on drinking alcohol
DucttapeNinja (author)  fetech2 years ago
Animal gut had actually crossed my mind as period tubing. I quickly decided I'd rather stick with historical inaccuracy. XP
mdlmusic2 years ago
This is very cool! I already have the drinking hat that I attached 2 plastic drinking boots to. I use it when I perform at Oktoberfest parties. A medieval style helmet would get so much more attention and I could also wear it to RenFaires.
Paperduck2 years ago
Love it!
Have you considered wrapping the tubes with straps of leather, linen or some other kind of fabric?
DucttapeNinja (author)  Paperduck2 years ago
That's a good idea. I was having trouble trying to think of a period drinking straw. That may get a little messy around the mouthpiece, but it would look so awesome!
Put a wooden mouthpiece on the end to avoid the leather getting wet. That should eliminate the mess. Oak would likely be best since that's what lots of traditional brews are aged in anyway.
DucttapeNinja (author)  lperkins2 years ago
That would look so awesome! I'm looking into this!
Those braided cable sleeves you'd use in electronics might work. I just saw beige ones on the interwebs or maybe a quick and dirty paint job would do the trick to give them a more natural appearance.
kibukun2 years ago
Smashed Spartan? I know you mean Greek Spartans, but now I'm thinking of Halo.
curvy772 years ago
Finnaly! I can drink and pillage at the same time!! Awsome design
lime3D2 years ago
You had me at the photo.
hmmmm I already have a steel viking helmet with magnetically attached horns... I wounder if i could do the same with Magnets and Tankards... hmmmm I like this idea!
this came up on my tumblr the other day, and now i realize it is by someone i follow!

also do the tankards make it to heavy to wear?
Pewter is surprisingly light, so it's not a heavy thing to wear. It will restrict your head movement a little, though.
M3G2 years ago
Awesome idea!
SWV17872 years ago
I am totally making this for the Michigan Renaissance Festival...
Very creative! If I didn't know any better, I'd swear it was genuine!
mgrunwel2 years ago
Very cool. Wonder how it would look with a pair of viking style horns on top of the tankards.
Kiteman2 years ago
Oh, I actually laughed out loud with joy and pleasure when I saw this - well done, that Maker!
mikeasaurus2 years ago
Finally, something to address my love of Renaissance fairs and my laziness!
Polyhistor2 years ago
I agree! Perfect for the after-hours parties at reenactment fairs or for laying about during - particularly if you can find a wench who will stop by occasionally and top you off!
All I can think of is "d'oh", and this is, by all means, a compliment to this great looking and stylish idea. Seriously, I know it might not sound like it, but I think it is great.