You can make this great swimmable AND walkable mermaid skirt part of your world by following this simple tutorial.

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:


Shiny, stretchy material (it's called "swimmer/dancer fabric)

Coordinating color tulle

Sewing machine/thread and needle (not pictured)

3/8" elastic (not pictured)

Scissors (not pictured)

You can purchase all these items at JoAnn's or any local fabric store.

I made the skirt our of remnants from other projects, but it would cost roughly $30 to make and took about 30 minutes.

The length of the fabric you will need is dependent on your body measurements and width of the fabric so I can't really give any specifics on how much fabric to get. I suggest you wrap the fabric around you to see how much you need to get before purchasing.

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Awesome ●3●<br>
Love it and great job
<p>Very neat idea might just have to try this someday now that summer is here i want to be a mermaid in the sea. Lol(;</p>
I love mermaids ;)
<p>This is so cute! What a great costume!</p>
<p>That is such a cute skirt! I love how you did the bottom; it's perfect! </p>
<p>Thanks so much!</p>

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