Messenger Bag Laptop Liner





Introduction: Messenger Bag Laptop Liner

This liner made my Chrome messenger bag a lot easier on the back, stiffer to hold its shape, and to provide a lot more protection for my laptop. It was a series of pieces of foam that I cut and formed into a shell matching the bottom half of the bag. I then inserted it in between the waterproof outer shell of the bag and the inner bag (these are separate and held together with Velcro, with Chrome bags.)



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In what type of shop would find this foam or similar materials? 

i like it and plan to do something similar. but the bag doesn't really fold flat with the liner anymore, does it? it is one of the nice features of chrome bags that they wrap around your back, for that glove-like feel and some compression of the contents. the guy in the chrome shop in SF told me that the most common mod to chrome bags is apparently to insert a custom-cut sheet of acrylic ... quite hard on the back i would imagine...

Yeah, that's true. You can choose a foam that's a good compromise, though. My bag doesn't fold totally flat, but it still curves around my body snugly if I strap it down when it's empty. It's certainly not as rigid as a piece of acrylic would be.

I like this. Good instructable.