Edible cupcakes! :)  10-Calorie Cupcakes?  Haha.

These are my Micro Cupcakes AKA Thimble Cupcakes!  I really love making these, even though they take lots of time and consideration for detail and there is *little* room for error.  :]  (I've made them a few times, for a birthday, for family, for a graduation and my husband is taking a "dozen" into work today.  Hahah!

I set out to find the most true-to-shape way to make the smallest cupcakes possible, and, without making my own sheet metal pans with micro-mini divots and the ability to make AIR-Bubble-LESS cake mix...well, this is the way.  With thimbles!

Thimble safety - Mine are nickel-plated and this is what I found online - I did some research on nickel plating and saw that they do this for oven racks and people cook on those. Further research said that nickel plating would only be broken up by constant exposure to acidic properties. So I figured that as long as there is no acidic properties in the cupcakes, all is well. :)  My advice, is to check that the plating exists in the insides of the thimbles when you open them, not just on the outside.  Look for the shiny silver.  This is based on information from spending time on google and searching before I baked in them.

Step 1: What you need!

Cake mix, or your own batter recipe.
Thimbles (more will save you time!) - I got mine 3x- $1 at the dollar store!! Hale-yeah.
A Pan to Pam and put the thimbles in.
Squeeze bottles from the dollar store or Michael's for condiments.
An eye for detail, and PATIENCE.  :D
<p>&lt;3 so cute! &lt;3 especially look nice with multiple colors and flavors boxed together.</p>
is that eatible glitter
<p>they do make edible glitter</p>
<p>These are super cute. Baked by Melissa makes tiny cupcakes too!</p>
How did you get them out of the thimble
That's a lot if thimbles
Aww there so cute! I think this is what me and my mom mite make for the holidays ^-^
this used to be rated a 5, and i guess a tornado of haters rolled in. lol.
i read that and was like &quot;what?!&quot; so i rated it a 5!!!!
omg so cute tiny cupcakes :D
omg so cute tiny cupcakes :D
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wow .. ur sooo talented and amazing idea !! <br>but i was wondering do u grease them first or u just add the cake mix ? <br>how do u remove them from there i feel like they'll be stuck and tear ..<br>i really luuuuuuuuuved them &amp; for sure they will be on my must do list !
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This was a lot of fun! <br>I had to up the temperature 350. It was taking 10 minutes instead of 4. And since I had 5 thimbles, I had to change it so I could save on time. <br>Other than that I loved it. Thanks for this fantastic Idea!
so cute!! :D love the decor! :D
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They're fantastic! I especially love the beautifully colored cupcakes.<br><br>You must have extraordinary patience. <br><br>Maybe you could make about a thousand of them and make a photo mosaic. : )<br>A self-portrait in cupcakes.<br><br>
These are totally wild cupcakes. I really like the eerie electric blue batter. Thanks for sharing.
I am not much of a baker, and more of a crafter, so I guess that was the part that kept me captivated! :D &lt;3
could I make moulds from kitchen aluminum foil?<br>I have a hard time finding cheap thimble.the only ones I could find had the tops cut off....
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<sub>om nom nom</sub>
see, that was easy.
thanks guys! now my husband won't stop saying this LOL. you sparked a new phrase. :P
mwahaha<br> <br> <sub>Om nom nom</sub>

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