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Introduction: Milk Carton Wallet

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This ingenious design featured in Family Fun Magazine in 2007 will work with half gallon milk cartons or juice cartons that have the spout and cap. I've gotten to the point that I will buy a particular brand (carton graphics) because I know it will make a great wallet!

For a larger version (checkbook) of this wallet see the link below:

Step 1: How to Repurpose a Milk Carton to Make a Wallet

You will need:

  • A rinsed milk carton
  • Template
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Scribe or awl
  • Straight edge/Metal ruler
  • Exacto knife

Step 2: Trace the Template

Trace the template on the back of the milk carton. Make sure to line up the spout hole. Make marks where the dotted lines meet the edge of the template.

Step 3: Score the Dotted Lines

Using a straight edge and an awl or a scribe tool, score the horizontal line that bisects the two half circles. Then score the other dotted lines.

Step 4: Cut Out Circle

Using a craft knife carefully cut out the lower circle.

Step 5: Cut Out Milk Carton

Cut along the solid outside lines.

Step 6: Fold Scored Lines

Carefully fold the half circles like a fan. It's a little tricky near the spout hole because you have to compete with the original folds of the milk carton.

Step 7: Fold Over

Fold over the flap and line up the cut out hole with the spout hole. If you have trouble screwing on the cap you may need to cut/make the hole a little bigger.

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I love it!!! What would be the best way to tether the cap to the body of the wallet? When you open the wallet, the cap gets totally separated from the wallet and you need to hold it. Drill a hole and string a chain or rope? Anyways, this is genius. Love love love.

You should be able to print out the template - it is attached in a pdf file. Are you trying to re-create it from scratch??

@DawnN2, If you wouldn't mind crediting the origin of the template you used, it appeared in Family Fun magazine in 2007. I designed the project for them and drew a prototype of the template the magazine used. It's still one of my favorites!

Milk carton template photo.JPGCoin purses.JPG
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I WOULD BE VERY VERY HAPPY.Send me one as a gift its my birthday next month! i will always remember u in my prayers.

Made it - but my spout needs some glue... my carton was silver on the inside so next one I make I will reverse.

My only worry is what to put in all of the carton wallets I will be making. I hate wasting carton after carton. This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing! I hope you win!

Congrats on making finalist! How was your sleep until now?Are you waiting for the big announcement? What prize would you like to receive? :D

Can't wait to modify this to make a checkbook cover for my daughter. She has her first checking account and was looking for an easy cover idea. Score! All I need to do is widen the square into a rectangle and Violà. Thanks for the great Instructibles.

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I went ahead and made a larger version. See if it will work for your project! You may need to alter it to custom fit her checkbook.

Heh - water might damage what's inside, though ÷)

I love this idea! Also, I think the method for closing the wallet is really ingenious. The juice-carton spout and cap could have more applications, like closing larger pouches or boxes made from other materials.

Sounds great! :D

Did it! I think it will be simple enough to use with my cub group and really good that it doesn't need any glue!