Picture of Minecraft Coffee Table
How to make a quick and easy coffee table that looks a lot like a minecraft workbench (crafting table). 
Final Dimensions: 
48.5" square by 16.75" in height. 

Materials needed: 
3 x 2x4s
1 x 2x10
2 pieces of  8' trim
1 sheet of plywood. 
16 pieces of 12x12" birchwood laminate
1 screw gun with two batteries.
1 box of screws
1 box of trim nails 
6 colors of Acrylic Paint and paint brushes. 
Red Mohagany Stain and application rags. 
1 roller 

Step 1: Design Document

Picture of Design Document
Pretty self explanatory. Used a spreadsheet program to plan out how each piece would be painted. 
Each 1 of the 16 sheets was determined to have a perfect square of a pre-assigned color palate  In order to keep it straight, I used a spreadsheet for the color assignments. My adorable minion helped to draw out and pattern. 
Looks great!
What happens when you put a a few sticks and coal on the table?
You keep the creepers from spawning.
falling_stone (author)  mikeasaurus1 year ago
thanks! I haven't tried yet :D
I'm planning on painting my unfinished pine desk this way!
falling_stone (author)  rachaelwhitaker1 year ago
nice! good luck! We had good luck with the acrylic paint.
falling_stone (author)  wstringham1 year ago
I would encourage you to check out your own decor and match the colors you want to use. The ones I used are not identical the hex codes used in Minecraft. My wife helped to match the colors to the carpet and curtains in the indended room.

So, we got acrylic paints from the craft store which included black, brown (walnut dark) and light brown, green, yellow, and mixing white. These colors were combined to make about 8 (or 10) actual shades that appear on the table.
Haha 10 out of 10! I've always loved this game, so seeing this is just amazing! I might try that, but with a cardboard box instead of a wood table
falling_stone (author)  CreationBoy-1 year ago
it would be faster out of cardboard :D
gcanders1 year ago
Really awesome. Great job thinking this up and making a wonderful table from a beloved game.
falling_stone (author)  gcanders1 year ago
thank you! I love that game. And I wanted to have a fun way of having it in the house. Originally, it was going to be my actual work table, but I didn't want to damage the panels after I had them. Coffee Table it became instead.
Looks awesome!
thank you!