How to make a quick and easy coffee table that looks a lot like a minecraft workbench (crafting table). 
Final Dimensions: 
48.5" square by 16.75" in height. 

Materials needed: 
3 x 2x4s
1 x 2x10
2 pieces of  8' trim
1 sheet of plywood. 
16 pieces of 12x12" birchwood laminate
1 screw gun with two batteries.
1 box of screws
1 box of trim nails 
6 colors of Acrylic Paint and paint brushes. 
Red Mohagany Stain and application rags. 
1 roller 

Step 1: Design Document

Pretty self explanatory. Used a spreadsheet program to plan out how each piece would be painted. 
Each 1 of the 16 sheets was determined to have a perfect square of a pre-assigned color palate  In order to keep it straight, I used a spreadsheet for the color assignments. My adorable minion helped to draw out and pattern. 
Looks great! <br />What happens when you put a a few sticks and coal on the table?
You keep the creepers from spawning.
thanks! I haven't tried yet :D
I'm planning on painting my unfinished pine desk this way!
nice! good luck! We had good luck with the acrylic paint.
<p>perfect thing in bedroom</p>
Haha 10 out of 10! I've always loved this game, so seeing this is just amazing! I might try that, but with a cardboard box instead of a wood table
it would be faster out of cardboard :D
Really awesome. Great job thinking this up and making a wonderful table from a beloved game.
thank you! I love that game. And I wanted to have a fun way of having it in the house. Originally, it was going to be my actual work table, but I didn't want to damage the panels after I had them. Coffee Table it became instead.
Looks awesome!
thank you!

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