Introduction: Mini BoomBox

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Hey there

well , another boombox on the way 
and this time i decided to make it the smallest that i can , real miniature - so that i can carry it freely to the beach without grumbling on the weight issue.

hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Shopping List

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so , for this Instructable i decided to build something modest , small , and yet COOL.

i bought a used Center speaker 
new Sealed Lead 12volt 5amp Battery
A variety of bolts and nuts
a few angles
small LEPAI amp from eBay
Plexiglas - had at home a piece of 1x1 meter

The tools needed are :
drill bit + drill
Tin snips
solder + tin
Screwdrivers and/or electric screwdriver

that`s it in general

Step 2: Cutting the Plexiglass

Picture of Cutting the Plexiglass

Measure the diameter of the speakers 

 start cutting the Plexiglas according to the measures 

Step 3: Create the Outer Shell- Plexiglass

Picture of Create the Outer Shell- Plexiglass

measure the size of the desired BOOMBOX and cut it using the saw.

over all we need :
Bottom piece
upper piece
two sides
and one back piece

Step 4: Cutting the Side Angles

Picture of Cutting the Side Angles

Found some old Angles on my warehouse

cut them with the  saw and assembled them to Plexiglas angles

Due to weight issue ( the Battery ) i had to use at the bottom a strong kinda heavy angle

Step 5: Assemble All Pieces

Picture of Assemble All Pieces

Step 6: Create Bottom Legs

Picture of Create Bottom Legs

from an old broom stick i cut a few pieces

Step 7: Create Internal Support Angles for the Rear Plexiglas

Picture of Create Internal Support Angles for the Rear Plexiglas

In order for the Boombox to be stable and not shiver we need to strengthen it via Small angles

Step 8: Tear Down the Plexiglas Protection Nylon

Picture of Tear Down the Plexiglas Protection Nylon

Step 9: Glue Wallpaper on the Angles

Picture of Glue Wallpaper on the Angles

Step 10: Reattach the " New " Angles

Picture of Reattach the " New " Angles

Step 11: Soldering Time

Picture of Soldering Time

Solder a small Capacitor to split the Frequency between the Woofer and Tweeter 

Step 12: Create TWO Custom Bolts for the Charging Ports

Picture of Create TWO Custom Bolts for the Charging Ports

Step 13: Drill Inside the Amplifier

Picture of Drill Inside the Amplifier

Drill inside the amplifier to attach it to the upper case

Step 14: All Done !

Picture of All Done !

Comments are welcomed!


dmootoo (author)2014-10-23

Hi, nice job! But does the cabinet rattle or make noise at higher volume levels? If so, did you seal the corners later on? I am thinking of doing something like this myself.

Tater Zoid (author)2014-01-17

Hi, great build. Could you provide more detail on how you charge the battery and use the battery at the same time? Thank you, Tater

naufanmaker (author)2013-12-20

i think its better to add some dancing LED's..

WillERoberts (author)2013-08-15

great instructible! quick question, can you charge the battery while using the battery in this set up?

RoeyLeon (author)WillERoberts2013-08-15


yep , you can charge it as much as you want during the phase that it is being used by the system

ynze (author)2013-07-29

No need for a low-pass filter to the woofer?

RoeyLeon (author)ynze2013-07-29


I need indeed , but I didn't have at the time of constructing it

Ordered from eBay a few Crossovers

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