Has this ever happened to you? You are thirsty but you are just too lazy to walk over to the refrigerator to get a drink? Well, here is the solution. Build your own personal soda fountain that will refill your drink from across the room.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Here is a video walkthrough of the project.

I try not to do this but this sounds bad for a number of reasons. <br>First, and most importantly, leaving soda residue in the tube will breed bacteria and will make you sick. <br>Secondly, if you leave the tube open the carbonation will escape since the room is lower pressure than a soda bottle. <br>And lastly, double check the air coming from the filter is safe to breath/drink since it will likely mix with the soda. Some pump out oils and such through the air tube.
<p>These are very good points. Additionally, using tubing that isn't food and beverage safe or safe for something so acidic is also a health concern, not to mention it can make the soda taste bad. The bacteria can be mitigated with proper maintenance such as with regular fountain machines. However, many home users are unlikely to keep up on this, nor have the means to do it.<br><br>Loss of carbonation can be mitigated by using a solenoid valve on the output tube, but you will still likely lose carbonation fairly quickly. </p>
<p>Or just suck in the tube and use it as a straw. No need to even refill the cup.</p>
<p>Thats very clever! I'm sure this setup could also be applied in other ways as well. For example, this would be great for remotely filling your pet's water bowl.</p>
<p>What a nice concept for those of us who more benthic than we like to admit all the time. Thanks for sharing!</p>

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