Mini Hydrogen Generator





Introduction: Mini Hydrogen Generator

This instructables is for a friend, showing him how to make a small low cost hydrogen generator. I made this for under 25$ and it puts out about 1 1/2 c a min. After reading many comments on how I could make this better I did.

Step 1: Materials

2" coupling
2" to 1and1/2 inch reducer
2" to 1" threaded reducer
1" threaded end cap
1and1/2" end cap
10 nylon washers
1 nylon bolt with nut
6 stainless steel forks
Poly tubing
Pvc glue and the tools you normally use (drill drill bits etc)
2 stainless steel bolts
2 1/2" end caps
1/2" pvc

Step 2: Next Step

Cut the fork heads off and smash them flat. Discard the all but two o the handles. Drill holes in the fork heads, also in the handles. Bend the ends of the handles and drill holes in the end. Drill holes in the 1and1/2" cap. Put the fork heads on in the order of handle, washer, fork, washer, ect. Bolt them tight then bolt the finished generator plates into the pvc cap. Then drill a hole for the poly tubing.

Step 3: Next Next Step

Glue it together should be self explanatory. Make sure the generator plates fit. (you sort of need them to)

Step 4: The Next Next Next Step

Poor about a tablespoon of baking powder or soda (whatever it says on the box) then add water and screw the lid on. Connect 12v battery (I use a 12v car battery charger you can pick one up from any hardware or auto store). NEVER LIGHT THE END OF THE TUBE. It will cause a flashback and the generator will explode. Submerging the tube in water with. Little soap will work.

Step 5: The Next Next Next Next Step/ Modification to Original Design

After reading what all y'all wrote about how it was dangerous not to have a bubbler. I feel that so I added some easy modifications. First, all the neutral plates in the middle are gone. by bending the fork tips to the outside you can get rid of the neutral plates and make more hho. Second, I added a bubbler onto the generator so that I would be able to add a torch onto it someday. I don't know if you can watch the video but it is just an example of the hho gas in action. NO its not me screaming in the background. Its my mom she didn't know how loud it would be.



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    can i have the complete information about the project to finish my doccumnetation .plz can u give ittt

    Cool project! I might make one with some old stainless steel scraps and some PVC pipe.

    you guys your technology is money in Kenya

    Can some one show me how to make free energy

    Free energy doesn't exist

    Life on this planet gets free energy from the sun all day long.

    I've got one on my 150cc Scooter. aquarium tube to breather so gas goes in air intake and now gets 145mpg.

    I'm pretty sure that's not true. the production of hydrogen to the usage of it in the fuel mixture isn't efficient enough to make a difference

    Installed one on the intake of my Mazda Tribute. Got a power boost. You are supposed to keep driving as you have and you will get an increase in mileage, unless you use the power boost for acceleration and speed. My mpg dropped 3mpg. :)

    What can I use this for. like what can I do