In this project we're taking boring old clothespins, and up-cycling them into powerful matchstick & toothpick shooters, that will stick into apples, and lob firey darts over 20 feet.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

This project was inspired by instructables author "Samarai" and his awesome tutorial on making a Clothespin Gun
<p>I made a miniature :D</p>
<p>Ooooh! Aaaah!</p>
This is great but it is impossible to make for me I can't cut it without it breaking and the spring isn't strong enough to put it in the notches wear can you get quality clothespins?
<p>Cutted a little bad; but first instructables!!</p>
Is this... Legal?
<p>why would it not be?</p>
<p>if the part of the spring that is not suposed to move (the one that is in the &quot;)&quot; shape hole) jumps out, just use a file and turn the &quot;)&quot; into &quot;]&quot; like this</p>
Can I make the gun fire over 50+ feet
<p>Forgive me for being an old fogey but all I see is a dangerous weapon that could easily cause injury or property damage, even under 'normal' use. Pointed projectiles that can blast into fruit can as easily blind a person or animal. Flaming matches can easily cause a fire when they land, especially if they go off target. Publishing plans like this where ANYONE of any age can see them is asking for trouble.</p>
<p>someone, quick! contact the army so we can get one of these into every soldier's hands.</p>
<p>You could use it in the snow and when they fall into the snow they would be easily distinguished. And, if you don't have snow, fire onto a concrete surface away from flammable objects.</p>
<p> &quot; Old and in the way , that's what I heard them say &quot; ............. :)</p><p> Yet , I left California , unburntdown .</p>
<p>You can't have a BB gun. You will put your eye out. Yawn. I'm 69, have heard variations of that stuff since about 1950, when I got my first Red Rider. Think of it as a Darwin moment. The weak perish, the strong survive, and good riddance to the weak.</p>
<p>I made this thing</p><p>it shoots really well I even made a metal shot out of a used rivet!</p>
<p>I made this </p>
<p>pretty nice</p>
<p>it shoots epically !!!! Thanks for the ible !!!!!</p>
<p>a bit tricky to cut the parts out of the clip. mine doesn't really shoot far, maybe round about 2 metres. and it doesn't hit hard, I don't got one of my ammo in a apple. but all in all a nice toy or evening-project </p>
<p>Late comment, again, can I make it shoot something else</p>
<p>Nice instructable.....but I used more then a knife :-P</p>
<p>can u use super glue</p>
Can u use super glue
<p>This sounds like a fun project. I am gonna make two of them when I get home from school today. Thanks for the fun idea.</p>
My knifes weren't sharp enough, so I used the nail file on my pocket knife, which worked great!
<p>love it!</p>
Then you can start shooting toothpicks at your apple swans. :)
<p>Great, what a Original Idea !!!</p>
It was fun to make! I made one this evening
<p>very impressive and intuitive Grant! this is a &quot;Have to do&quot;!</p>
<p>Use a white-tipped strike-anywhere kitchen match for ammo. Load the match so that the tip is inside of the pistol. This is the opposite of the orientation shown in the photos. When the pistol is fired, the spring strikes the tip, both lighting the match and launching it at the same time. Used to make these as a kid 40+ years ago...</p>
<p>Awesome project. Made a few and had a fun and safe fire fight. </p>
This is good, but you will need safety. But anyway, pretty good project!
This is awesome
<p> Uncle Ray showed my brother and I how to make these , right around 1960 . 9 and 10 years old , we were . Great fun , shooting matches every which way on a summer evening . Pure dumb luck we never set anything more important than each other on fire , we could have burned down all of south California . Make one ! ( Or two , they're small ) . Just don't let the kids play with them , without suitable body armor , and only in the swimming pool ...... :)</p>
Geereeaaatttt!! Idea!!
<p>That is so creative and cool...</p>
wat a nice project I'm going to make also one
<p>genius! :-)</p>
<p>I tried to make one of these. It did not work... I needed a sharper knife so I don't split it in half.</p>
You are a genius
<p>You keep making these cool Instructables, and Videos , I keep posting a note about them on my Blog! :)</p><p>http://faz-voce-mesmo.blogspot.pt/2014/01/pistola-de-mola-e-um-concurso.html</p>
<p>You keep making these cool Instructables, and Videos , I keep posting a note about them on my Blog! :)</p><p>http://faz-voce-mesmo.blogspot.pt/2014/01/pistola-de-mola-e-um-concurso.html</p>