Hello everyone, in this project I wanna show you how to make a Mini Moxon Vise. I made a video and step by step instruction how to make it. This vise is very cheap and easy to make.

So, let's get started :)


- wood
- screws
- nuts and washers
- leather


- table saw or bandsaw
- optional cnc router
- chisel
- glue
- sandpaper
- knife

Step 1: Watch the Video

Video will give you a good overview on how to create such a rocker Mini Moxon Vise. But the following steps will still contain some extra useful information.

<p>too much work for a small project. </p>
great job, wish i had a CNC router too!
<p>Thanks :)</p>
<p>If there is a Mini Me, why not a Mini Mo?</p><p>Nice project too! ☺</p>

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Bio: Hello. My name is Thomas. I love to spend time in my workshop. Please check my Youtube channel. I hope you enjoy :)
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