Hi again Gang,

This time I'm here to show how to build a mini server rack, in my case, to the cisco lab I'm building it.

I start searching the Internet for some rack and I end up either finding bulky racks or tiny, fragile ones. You can check it out on eBay (i Believe its the best place to star looking for it).

Enjoy this instructables !!!

Step 1: Getting Started - Bill of Material

This will be pretty easy list of itens:

- 2' X 4' Sandeply board 1/2" (1);
- 1" L bracket (8);
- #6 X 1" wood screws;
- #6 X 1 1/2 wood screws;
- Wood Glue;
- 9U Rack Rails for EIA 19" Rack Mount (2).

To make things easier, I bought everything but the rails from Home Depot, the rails I bought on eBay. They have many sizes, for all needs. I end up choosing a 9U (little bit under 16").

Material Costs: $50

<p>The rails are the main cost in this project..I'm going with the 12u at $43 for 2 pairs and squaring it off with cheaper rails found around my house.If your planning on stacking yours I would reinforce them with some more rails. Fun project..thank you.</p>
<p>Have you made a rack with 4 posts versus 2? I'm helping a friend of mine set up a rack to hold several 1U servers, plus a network switch and some communications gear.</p>
What keeps the whole thing square? There's no bracing, and the little L brackets won't do much. <br> <br>I strongly recommend some cable management too - keep it tidy.
In your bill of materials you list &quot;2' X 4' Sandeply board 1/2&quot; (1).&quot; That should be four (4) 2' x 4' boards, right?
I know a way to save you time and about $40.<br><br>Check these site out:<br><br>http://wiki.eth-0.nl/index.php/LackRack<br><br>http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40104270
Hi, <br><br>thank you for your post.<br>I would like to point out that, even though your suggestion its a great idea, I doesn't think it would work for me.<br><br>I was in need for a &quot;cube&quot; kind of rack, one that it would allow me to install the lazy susan and rotate to access the back of the rack and back.<br><br>The price tag ($50) comprise things that the table itself doesn't (rails, lazy susan, etc).<br><br>Anyway, your ideia its another idea and cannot be compared side by side with this instructables.<br><br>cheers<br><br>PC
Geez...I don't know why I never thought of doing something as simple, and nice, as this! You definitely inspired me here...if only I can inspire my wife now...hmmm...<br /> <br /> Anyways, excellent work! How is it holding up for you lately?
Everything its great. Since this one I have built 2 more. I Got some &quot;corners clamps&quot; (im sure thats not the name) and that help me to get a perfect 90 dregrees angle in all 4 corners. I stain my rack black and apply a heavy clear coat, you cant fell the wood anymore, feels really good.<br /> <br /> I wish I had a better place to do my things. I would love to bew able to get a table saw, band saw, band sander, etc. <br /> <br /> Thank you again for your interesting<br /> PC
&nbsp;The servers that fit into the rack are easily 30 times more expensive than the rack itself.

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