Mini Solar Air-Conditioner (a.k.a Swamp Cooler)





Introduction: Mini Solar Air-Conditioner (a.k.a Swamp Cooler)

Here's an Instructable to make a simple, cheap, and energy efficient air conditioner with basic materials, and should cost less than $5. How it works is evaporating water in the
A/C (air-conditioner) pulls heat away, making the inside cold. The fan sucks air through the A/C, making the air cold. The warmer it gets, the more effective this A/C gets.
And it's easy on your wallet!

The materials are:
-popsicle sticks (about 20)
-cooling fan from computer
-solar panel, batteries, or other low voltage power source
-cloth that absorbs well
-hot glue and a glue gun

Step 1: Cooling Fan... Meet the Popsicle Sticks.

You can get cooling fans free from computer repair shops and are in power supplies.
Once you find a suitable one (bigger ther better), stick six popsicle stick like the picture below.
You can trim the round ends with scissors if you want.

Step 2: Dress Up Time!

Now cut a few strips of the cloth that absorbs well (shamwow, towel, burlap...) like one of the pictures below Then cut using scissors four or more popsicle sticks so it's the same size as the base width . Glue the cloth strips onto the cut popsicle sticks. Then glue that on like the main pic. Attach another stick on the opposite side and glue the cloth onto it. The bottom pictures are examples.

Step 3: Dress Up Some More!

Glue another of these together (pic on the bottom). Then stick two popsicle sticks together like the two back ones on the first step. Glue it on like the pic shows and put another stick that's the base width size onto the other side. Streach the cloth across and attach it to the stick.

Step 4: Coveralls

If you have any extra cloth left, glue that on the sides. Remember: the more cloth, the better if there's easy airflow around everything.

Step 5: The End

That was the Mini Solar A/C! Ugly but works. Add water to the cloth with a spoon until it's all soaked up, power it up with a solar panel (one or two watts), batteries, or a low voltage power source, and cool your house. Make several of these or a large scale one to lower your power bill in the summer.
Check out my other ible' for electric fire.



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    Does this eve cool the room for a single degree ?:D

    I currently use a bucket of ice, a hole in mid, fan to push air in in top ice in middle

    water drops to the bottom. The air is 11 degrees but it's so small, Instead of a 80mm fan I might add a case fan but I'm too lazy to go buy a fan :D

    what is the specification for this mini solar air conditioner?

    its fabulous and solve my problem of mini model

    nice work dude

    It's solar-powered, so is low voltage & low current - why not just put the cooler fabric on so it wicks water & set it in a pan of water & let 'r rip? I put 1 in the pickup cab for the dog, (YES, takosjza, WITH shades & sliders, windows & vents open, in the shade...), in a suitable box, running off the lighter jack. Works better than the old system of a fan and a pan of ice water - he would drink the ice water, leaving just the fan, which was ok but not as good.

    Good idea if you want to learn the principle of evaporative cooling, but seriously, what's that fan going to move? 3 cubic foot an hour? even three cubes a minute. It might cool a washing machine box 3 or 4 deg, but it ain't going to do much for your bedroom.

    can i get its lab report? like the mechanism it works on

    how do you connect the fan from a power source? i pulled one out of an old computer(laptop) and the connecter is just a white plug....

    If there are two wires, Try putting a battery on them and switch the polarities if it doesn't work the first time. Good luck!

    what should i do if there are three :) there is one yellow one black and one red