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This is a mod that will give you a sweet little USB drive up to 4 gigabytes! Also, this is really small. Have fun and hope you like it!
EDIT: The USB drive will still work and hold memory after you are done. There is no reason to cut of the circuit board; it would be almost impossible to do that with the USB drive you will need for this project!
Please, comment and criticize.

Step 1: Get the Supplies!

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You will need to buy some stuff to make this USB mod because the original USB drive must be TINY.
You will need:
Kingston Data Traveler mini fun ($13 to $30) from
A old laptop keyboard or some keys.
Tape. Optional if you (Like Me) do not want to make this permanent.
Xacto knife. Maybe a screwdriver (not philips head) or other prying tool would work.
That is All!

Step 2: Take Off Casing

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You will need to take the casing off the usb drive. Dont worry, its pretty easy. Just pry it apart with the Xacto knife. Behold: A really teeny USB drive!

Step 3: Trim and Cut Keys

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Take the keys from the old laptop keyboard. If you are having trouble getting a keyboard, do what I did: Ask the computer admins at your school. The one I talked to, Jack, was happy to give me a keyboard, with one key missing, that cost about $200 to replace!
Now, to work. Cut out all the attaching crud off the back of the key, then trim one end to fit the USB drive.
repeat on other key.

Step 4: Protection

Picture of Protection

If you (Like me) do not want to make this permanent, then wrap some duct tape around the part of the drive that will be covered.

Step 5: Glue!

Picture of Glue!

Pretty simple: just glue on the keys from the laptop keyboard one at a time and wait for the glue to dry.

Step 6: Sand

Picture of Sand

You will want to sand the glued drive to make everything smooth.

Step 7: Optional: Filling in the Holes

Picture of Optional: Filling in the Holes

You might have noticed that the sides look wierd, because they are not filled in. I got annoyed by that, so I used some hot glue to fix it. Here is how:
Squirt some hot glue into the sides, and keep it pretty even, with no bubbles.
Now, run the hot tip of the hot glue gun, smoothing out the side with the side of the tip.
Now you can color it with black paint or a sharpie.

Step 8: Show It Off!

Picture of Show It Off!

Here are some finished pics.

Step 9: Have Fun!

Picture of Have Fun!

Have some fun using your new drive! Be Proud!
You can take screen shots by pressing print Screen (prntscrn or prt sc).
Also download wisdom-soft screenhunter (free version) for better screenshots.
See how many Firefox windows you can open!
use iTunes!
Try out Firefox 3 beta 5. The BEST browser!
Play games.
And finally, show off your new USB Drive to all your friends and teachers.
Yes, i stopped uploading screen shots of Firefox-opening, just scroll down to the comments section to see them. I will post the record (that I know of).


R.A.T.M (author)2011-07-25

on a school computer i figured out that if you use the arrow key to get to the icon (Google earth the slowest) then hold enter for ever they wont start to open till you let go and then a minet after so much fun to do to friends when there not looking then you say hey and they turn around to a disaster we held it fore 5 minest they all came up like 476 then we put more on top of it and 2 came up then it said system fail yer and shut off

thats 478

bleachworthy (author)2008-10-03

quote from dell picture: "For some reason, this USB drive looks best next to or in Dell computers. cool!" perhaps it's because you used Dell keys? : D

zimmemic25 (author)bleachworthy2008-11-05

dell laptops are the only one that are broken before they are sold...

Shut Up Now (author)zimmemic252008-11-24


zimmemic25 (author)Shut Up Now2008-11-28

its a fact...

UbuntuNinja (author)zimmemic252009-03-28

windows computers are the only ones that are broken before they are sold...although you are probably right about dell's. my friend had a dell desktop running windows XP and eventually, it got so full of viruses and other assorted malware that it became very slow and almost unusable so it was replaced with a Mac. lol

Saturn V (author)UbuntuNinja2010-06-18

It wasn't a problem with the computer, he just didn't maintain it. Did he ever uninstall programs he ever used, or had a antivirus like Norton?

bleachworthy (author)zimmemic252008-11-29

I've had my e1505 for a few years now, and I run it HARD all day, and most of the night 365 days a year - only thing broken on it is the D key, and that's because it gets used way more than anything else. oh, and the screen hinge is a *little* wobbley.

ReCreate (author)zimmemic252009-08-26

What do i see here, A broken mac, Not even sold?

cool! (author)bleachworthy2008-10-04


NightGod (author)2010-03-02

Even two years ago laptop keyboards didn't cost $200. If you're really having trouble finding one free, you can usually get a complete keyboard for about $20-30 off Ebay.

Madrias357 (author)2010-01-19

I could do this.   Windows 7 and a nice computer.  You'll hate my taskbar, though.

Madrias357 (author)Madrias3572010-01-19

Ah, I only got 408 open, then it crashed before I could screen-shot it.

morganlowe (author)2008-03-31

670 killed this rig, C2D E6420 at3.0GHZ with 6GB of RAM and Vista Ultimate X64... great mod, by the way!

cool! (author)morganlowe2008-04-01

Holy s****! And with transparency on! Nice computer. Ill put this on the instructable if it is ok with you.

morganlowe (author)cool!2008-04-01

Go for it.. I should make on for a looping batch... that's how I opened them. Batch was as follows: :launch [path to firefox.exe] goto :launch that's it.. loop until you kill the batch

cool! (author)morganlowe2008-04-01

Good idea... I just had an idea to crash a victim's computer with this instead of a shutdown shortcut like this

dash24 (author)cool!2009-10-27


cool! (author)2009-03-29

Well, i might not agree that windows computers are broken when they are sold, but it is certainly harder to get a virus on linux :) ! I use Ubuntu most of the time, and have installed it on many windows computers that are "Broken"; While windows is not always broken, it is quite bloated, and does require virus protection. Even with it it runs slower than linux. So I choose Ubuntu. But I try to respect windows users.

zimmemic25 (author)cool!2009-04-14

i mean the fact that 10% of Dell PCs (new, from factory) are broken.

ReCreate (author)zimmemic252009-08-26

...aka happens to everything

Arbitror (author)2009-06-16

I will have to try the Firefox window thing! I have 9 GB of RAM, and I will be using MachineMouse!

ReCreate (author)2009-06-10

At First i thought that you got a normal thumb drive and cut it to fit the key XD

PyroMonger (author)2009-01-29

your friend josh didnt get 4,345 windows open. I zoomed in on the picture (quality was greatly lacking) and looks more like 311.

Derin (author)PyroMonger2009-02-14

He said he opened the software "Firefox 3 beta 4" 345 times.

cool! (author)PyroMonger2009-01-29

Sorry, he got 345 windows open of firefox 3 beta 4. I can see how it looks like that. "firefox 3 beta 4 345" I will make that more clear Thanks

cool! (author)cool!2009-01-29

Hmm firefox not letting me edit.

Azor (author)2009-01-13

You have the same Firefox theme as me!!

computerwiz_222 (author)2008-03-31

Do this with ie 6 and I can get to about 200 on a school computer before it crashes and restarts

cool! (author)computerwiz_2222008-04-01

Firefox is better :) DISSSSS Dont use IE! just kiddin. But anyway, thanks for commenting!

ac1D (author)cool!2009-01-05

You can't say that X or Y browser are better than Z browser, they all have something better or something less better. Firefox for exemple, suck your ram.

Clayton H. (author)cool!2008-05-24

I aggre it's a lot better than Internet EXPLODER lol:)

Shadowfury (author)Clayton H.2008-12-09

Anything's better than IE. Use Chrome, it's better than all the others.(FireFox and Safari come second)

alexh934 (author)Shadowfury2008-12-24

it isn't better in all aspects. Safari has a very clean interface along with Chrome which is also very fast. Firefox tops all the other browsers because of the amount of addons available at the moment. Opera and Chrome are the fastest web browsers though.

Shadowfury (author)alexh9342008-12-25

It's really just personal preference. If you like the extra stuff, then FireFox is perfect for you, if you want speed, though, Chrome's the way to go. Personally, I use whichever loads quickest, which, now, is Chrome.

yeah chrome is great it's a shame there's no chrome for Linux or Mac OS. I used to use chrome in my vista laptop but it got stolen :S so i'm left with chrome less linux & Mac but linux FTW

cool! (author)phant0m_sp00f3ra2008-12-29

Agreed about linux. Ubuntu? Well search google code weavers chrome, they got it working with mac and linux. What machine are you using? macbook dualboot?

phant0m_sp00f3ra (author)cool!2008-12-30

holly cow! that's great! i have heard that chromium was ported by google devteam but it wasn't fully built yet. i'm using a MBP (duh...mac os X 10.5.6) and a machine that i built in wich i have Ubuntu 8.10 intrepid ibex thanks for the tip! and happy new year mate

computerwiz_222 (author)cool!2008-04-01

lol thats the joke... We used to do this open as many of *whatever* until the comp crashes in gr 10... It was great lol. We also used to do sticky keys. You press shift 5 times and the computer makes a laser sound. The good old days...

but thats in the old days

A.C.E. (author)2008-10-08

the last flashdrive i "accidentally" took apart had this really big lond circut board. took up the whole case.. maybe flashdrives are made with better tech now?

cool! (author)A.C.E.2008-10-08

No, most are still lake that, but some really small ones are different, especially kingston ones.

Shut Up Now (author)cool!2008-11-24

or super talent ones

cool! (author)Shut Up Now2008-11-25

Yeah. If you want a cheap really small usb drive, got to:'
for 4gig
for 8gig.
Pretty sweet price.

Shut Up Now (author)2008-11-12

just felt i should note that this usb drive is prolly the smallest without the cover but the record for smallest usb drive is the Super Talent Pico C its available in 2, 4, and 8 gb. i have the 4gb one (15 bucks with shipping on

cool! (author)Shut Up Now2008-11-12

Hmm, I saw that on pop-sci but did not realize how cheap it was, might have to get one!!

zimmemic25 (author)2008-11-05

-> step 9 the print screen button is claaed "Druck | S-Abf" on german keyboards. because i was searching it for half an hour...

A.C.E. (author)2008-10-08

here is something cool to do with a flashdrive...

tubajoey1 (author)2008-09-21

i think i had 90 in linux once, and it ran like normal...i do believe ill try to beat that soon! nice ible!

sageserver (author)2008-09-02

4 yaaa! most ever gotten!!!! for using firefox. 6 with netscape. 8 with explorer. 1.2 GHz and a 1/4 gig of ram. yaaa! lol. JK! i have:1.2 GHz and a 1/4 gig of ram. And i dont really want my computer to crash. ;-)

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