Mini USB Drive Mod: Keys





Introduction: Mini USB Drive Mod: Keys

This is a mod that will give you a sweet little USB drive up to 4 gigabytes! Also, this is really small. Have fun and hope you like it!
EDIT: The USB drive will still work and hold memory after you are done. There is no reason to cut of the circuit board; it would be almost impossible to do that with the USB drive you will need for this project!
Please, comment and criticize.

Step 1: Get the Supplies!

You will need to buy some stuff to make this USB mod because the original USB drive must be TINY.
You will need:
Kingston Data Traveler mini fun ($13 to $30) from
A old laptop keyboard or some keys.
Tape. Optional if you (Like Me) do not want to make this permanent.
Xacto knife. Maybe a screwdriver (not philips head) or other prying tool would work.
That is All!

Step 2: Take Off Casing

You will need to take the casing off the usb drive. Dont worry, its pretty easy. Just pry it apart with the Xacto knife. Behold: A really teeny USB drive!

Step 3: Trim and Cut Keys

Take the keys from the old laptop keyboard. If you are having trouble getting a keyboard, do what I did: Ask the computer admins at your school. The one I talked to, Jack, was happy to give me a keyboard, with one key missing, that cost about $200 to replace!
Now, to work. Cut out all the attaching crud off the back of the key, then trim one end to fit the USB drive.
repeat on other key.

Step 4: Protection

If you (Like me) do not want to make this permanent, then wrap some duct tape around the part of the drive that will be covered.

Step 5: Glue!

Pretty simple: just glue on the keys from the laptop keyboard one at a time and wait for the glue to dry.

Step 6: Sand

You will want to sand the glued drive to make everything smooth.

Step 7: Optional: Filling in the Holes

You might have noticed that the sides look wierd, because they are not filled in. I got annoyed by that, so I used some hot glue to fix it. Here is how:
Squirt some hot glue into the sides, and keep it pretty even, with no bubbles.
Now, run the hot tip of the hot glue gun, smoothing out the side with the side of the tip.
Now you can color it with black paint or a sharpie.

Step 8: Show It Off!

Here are some finished pics.

Step 9: Have Fun!

Have some fun using your new drive! Be Proud!
You can take screen shots by pressing print Screen (prntscrn or prt sc).
Also download wisdom-soft screenhunter (free version) for better screenshots.
See how many Firefox windows you can open!
use iTunes!
Try out Firefox 3 beta 5. The BEST browser!
Play games.
And finally, show off your new USB Drive to all your friends and teachers.
Yes, i stopped uploading screen shots of Firefox-opening, just scroll down to the comments section to see them. I will post the record (that I know of).



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    wait...tried it again. got to 122 on a 2.4 ghz processor with 0.75 gigs of ram, running XP SP1. go ahead and post if you like. i also opened task manager.


    your computer must be old, you should update to sp3

    When we tried to update to SP2, our computer got all screwed up. We had to get a new hard drive. We haven't updated since.


    how do u update I tried once, but could not find it. I have no internet...... :(

    Microsoft is evil, there's no way without internet.

    that's not true i went to SP3 with no internet. i just downloaded it at a library put it on my flash drive and used it at home =]

    Haha check those dates :)

    Why do you think Microsoft is evil?

    Without internet...I don't know if you can. Try calling customer service. Maybe you can order discs? Then again, they'd just make you buy Vista.