Step 4:

While the cardboard pieces are drying, you can cut out the fabric. You will need 1 of piece A, without the tabs. 1 of piece B without the solid tab. You will need 2 of piece C, 1 with the center circle and tabs removed, and 1 with the center circle not removed. Put aside the fabric with center circle not removed for now.

Glue the fabric to cardboard pieces. Be careful to not get the glue on the outside of your fabric. Wait till everything dries.

Thanks for the Instructable! I've made a few now. Love the ones found on Etsy, but much happier being able to make my own for $3.00 in materials! <br> <br>Btw, for anyone planning to make one, fabric glue didn't work for me, it was messy and expensive, good old regular glue stick worked just fine. Dries faster too!
It would be less strain on the hat if you threaded the elastic through BOTH holes. If you don't want to use elastic you can also use hair extension clips http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/30pcs-clip-snap-clip-hair-wig-weft-32mm-Dark-Brown-3-/330741098414?pt=AU_HairExtensions&amp;hash=item4d01b4a7ae#ht_4021wt_1037 I have some like these for hair accessories that I make and they work really well!
I suppose you could (instead of using elastic) just use two hairclips. I think that would probably work, maybe not though.
Thanks for the great template and instructions! I made 3 for a tea party next week.
I wish I'd seen this one before my cousins wedding in July. Never mind, next wedding, it's so cool.
This is a great design, but I gotta know how you hot-glued everything without burning your fingers. I've worked with hot-glue a lot and always burned my fingers at least once on projects.
Try to find a low-temp hot glue gun. I'm really sensitive to heat and my fingers burn easily, but I've never burned myself with the glue from a low-temp gun (touching the metal nub on the end will still burn--yes, I know this from experience--but the glue isn't as hot). Most projects, such as this one, don't require a high-temp gun, but the glue will set faster so you need to work more quickly. Other than that, I've occasionally resorted to keeping a cup of ice on my work table to soothe my fingers on &gt;.&lt;
Oh, okay, that's a good idea. Thanks.
This tutorial is awesome. Might have to try my hand at making some for my dolls!
Fantastic! This is very timely for me since I will be needing a costume item for a party soon :D
That baby hates the fact that his mother has a top hat fascinator, <em>but not him</em>. <em>Parents! Darn them!</em><br>
LOL i kept reading the title and saying it like &quot;toe-fat&quot; thinking what the hell is a tophat?! and then i saw the picutres, haha, not thinking today
This made me laugh so hard!!
Your hat looks excellent! I love the feathers.
This is fantastic! Thank you so much for this easy to follow tutorial. Definitely bookmarking this one.
Rarely have I seen as ridiculous a tiny hat as this, before. <br><br>I can't believe someone was charging $96 for *just* the clown hat.<br><br>Clowns, and their jester predecessors (and of course the Arlecchino archetypes before them) traditionally took cast-off and otherwise free clothing (and hats!), so this is truly in-line with tradition.<br><br>It's the funniest thing, ever! You'll no doubt be a hit at the kids' party. Or wedding. <br><br>Or whatever.
I was eyeing hats just like this in a shop in New Orleans. Figured I could make my own, but have since been too lazy. You've inspired me!
super cute! I love the robot trim :)
Wow :o. Interesting.

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