Picture of Model KM Bismarck Built and Converted to R/C
Tony Dalton describes to Model Boats his building and conversion of a KM Bismarck model into an R/C.

Here's the Dragon 1:700 scale kit of the famous German battleship KM Bismarck, Photo 1. After reading some favourable articles about the kit I decided to attempt to build it with as much detail as possible, but also converted to radio control.
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Step 1:

Picture of
The kit comprises 11 moulded frames containing 248 detailed plastic parts with a brass photo etched sheet containing a further 33 parts, a sheet of decals and a multi-folded sheet of instructions, Photo 2. It should be said that it will be only around 15 inches long when completed, so 'r/c and running gear miniaturisation' are the watchwords.

Following some investigation I discovered that a wood deck and some further photo etched parts were available from White Ensign Models (WEM), these being duly purchased and the photo etched sheet comes complete with three double sided pages of very detailed instructions.

Step 2: Radio Control Installation

The initial task was to find suitable r/c items that were not only small, but also light. A very small servo was located that weighed only 1.6gms together with a small electronic speed controller (ESC). Details of these are listed at the end of this article.

Step 3: ESC and Receiver Modifications

This was purchased in kit form, since I did not intend to use the plastic box supplied as I was convinced that it would not fit into the hull of the model and on receipt I was proved right. The printed circuit board (pcb) was trial fitted into the hull and did not require any further modifications. All that was needed was for me to assemble and solder the components to the printed circuit board in accordance with the supplied instructions. The device was then tested and found to work satisfactorily.
richb7710 months ago

I read this article in the published magazine and it inspired me to have a go on a revell S100 torpedo boat.

Its not impossible but some headaches can be had. Good fun project though.

how long does the silicone tubing stand up to the turgue of the props an motors
MyHobbyStore (author)  astral_mage1 year ago

A bit of a 'how long is a piece of
string?' scenario. Sorry that doesn't sound helpful, but in truth
the silicone tube connectorcan last one
day or 10 years! It is however a tried
and trusted method used on models with low power motors and small propellers
such as this model and therefore should last sometime. Just make sure you inspect it after each days sailing.

Where is the R/C Parts list? What receiver, ESC and battery did you use?

MyHobbyStore (author)  digitalbuzz1 year ago

Does this help? A list of suppliers..

Radio receiver: Turborix 2.4GHz six channel
Rudder servo: 1.6g Servo from Falcon Models Motors: Three 10mm Micro DC Motors PN 108-106 from Precision Micro Drives.
ESC: Pico 61A Auto Set Speed Controller (Component Shop previously ACTion R/C Electronics)
Battery: LiPo single cell battery 3.6v 240mAh from Hyperion
LED's: 0603 red, green and white from eBay
Wood decking: White Ensign Models
Etched brass fittings: White Ensign Models