Model Railroad Gazing Ball



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Introduction: Model Railroad Gazing Ball

A victorian garden "gazing ball" in N scale, HO scale, or O scale.  You only have to vary the size of the ball bearing and how you roll & trim the paper cone.

You need:
a small scrap of printer paper
one ball bearing (N= 0.075"  / HO= 0.138"  /  O= 0.25")
glue - I used Gorilla Glue for wood

Twist the paper into a slim cone and glue it. Use a wire to spread glue on the inside for additional stiffness and strength.  Trim cone to height when dry, so it looks convincing scale wise.  The cones are about 3 feet tall, so in N the cone would be 1/4" tall, in HO a shade under a half inch, and in O make the cone 3/4" tall.   Glue the ball bearing onto the cone. Place on your layout.



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