Flowers and chocolate are a perfect combination, right? So how much better would it be if those flowers were made of chocolate?

Chocolate roses are a great way to add some sophisticated flair to cakes and cupcakes. They are made using modelling chocolate, a simple combination of chocolate and glucose which creates a flexible, moldable material. Ideal for roses and other simple flowers, it can also be cut or shaped into other decorations to liven up your baking.

Step 1: Preparation


Modelling chocolate only requires two ingredients: 4 oz chocolate (I used dark chocolate, purely a matter of personal preference) & 2 tablespoons of liquid glucose.


To make the modelling chocolate you need:
  • a bowl & microwave to melt the chocolate in
  • a spoon for stirring
  • scales/measuring cups
  • a fridge
  • clingfilm

For the chocolate roses:
  • a small chopping board
  • a small rolling pin
  • rose petal cutters, or a print off of the template, a knife & some patience
  • cornflour to stop things sticking
  • (and optional edible glitter if you share my magpie tendencies)
Chocolate flowers look yummy!! But to stop the need to remove White cornflour, use cocoa instead,it also adds another dimension of brown.
Very artistic! And looks so good. Thanks for sharing.
I was making the same thing :(<br>by the way, your roses looks very nice.
Oops, sorry! Great minds, I guess. Good luck x
I love this video :<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luQTkN-jmms&feature=related">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luQTkN-jmms&amp;feature=related</a><br> <br>
; )
I've made roses with royal icing. and these rock! One thing you could do to make it marginally easier is to get a flower &quot;pin&quot; which has a flattish wide surface and a pin underneath to turn it..just makes it easier to turn the rose while forming, but your way works fine too..lovely and *drool* chocolate, what a combo!
I've tried royal icing roses, they drive me crazy! Piping is not my strong suit. With these, because you wrap the petals around, like making flowerpaste/gumpaste roses, you need to be able to get at the bottom so a flower nail might get in the way.
Liquid glucose is corn syrup.
Edited. Thanks for the info x
wauu Belgian chocolate !! huummmy<br>
This is beautiful, thanks for sharing!

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