Being able to hack and modify random objects is an essential skill. Budget and time constraints often make it necessary to build a project using only the materials that you have at hand. Here is a simple example.

Let's say that you are a spy and you need to get a video recording of the secret documents being handed off to an enemy spy. You have a pair of video sunglasses. But a large pair of dark sunglasses would look very suspicious indoors. So you need to quickly modify them so that your hidden camera can be used in a variety of situations. Here is how you might do that.

Step 1: Open Up the Housing of the Spy Glasses

There are three main ways that electronics are typically held together. Parts are either glued, snapped in place, or fastened with screws. These glasses use some of all three.

The temples of the glasses contain the battery and the circuit board. These were held in place with small screws. The temples where attached to the rest of the frame with more screws. The bridge of the glasses contain the camera. The two parts of the frame were screwed and snapped together and needed to be pried apart. The camera and the wires inside the frame where glued in place. Fortunately, they could be gently peeled away from the frame.

After disassembling the glasses, you are left with a small pin hole camera that can be remounted in a different housing to meet your needs.
<p>to hard</p>
<p>Were did you get the camera?</p>
<p>It was from a set of kid's spy toys made under the brand "Spy Net"</p>
<p>me too</p>
How'd you get the pictures so good?
<p>By keeping the camera a still as possible. The video from this camera gets fuzzy with the slightest motion because the refresh rate is so slow. So you need to do everything possible to minimize the camera movements.</p>
<p>Instead of recording could the signal go directly to a monitor so you could use it as security camera?</p>
You can do that on some types of cameras. But this particular model isn't designed to be able to hook up an external monitor.
<p>I have some old phones all of them with camera.</p><p>Is tere any possibility to desmonot and use the canera ? with control from the phone? it will be very ineteresting to reuse them.</p><p>Thanks in advance</p>
<p>Yeah you could do that but you would probs need a remote control device driver installed in your phone first then You would need to conveter it....Long Story Short PAIN IN THAT ASS BUT yes</p>
That will probably be very difficult. Phones are very compact in their design. The wires and solder connections tend to be very small and hard to modify. But don't let that stop you from trying.
<p>better watch out. there was just a story online yesterday where a special needs kid was getting bullied so he made a 12 minute audio recording of the bullying in school on his ipad to show the principle. the school made him delete it, called the cops and he was prosecuted for secretly making a recording without the other people's consent. the judge agreed and found him guilty.</p>
<p>So, if you have a car camera and get into an accident because someone else's fault, you could be found guilty and the person who caused the accident could get away with it? It sounds like it is easier to shoot with a gun than with a camera!</p>
good point. i dont know why that's different but i believe it usually is.
<p>You have to be aware of the laws of your area. In some places it is legal, in others (like what you quoted) it is not.</p>
<p>That's sad. Bullying is not illegal but recording it is.</p>
<p>It is unfortunate that you cannot defend yourself by documenting this kind of BS.... To me bullying is the worst offence....!!!!</p>
<p>i agree completely. it's almost like the courts are saying kids should just take a gun to school and start shooting rather than try to get the schools to put a stop to it.</p>
i got a 720p goggle action camera, and the problem is that the bulky ear rests press into the skull with the helmet on, but the video quality is quite decent.. I'm thinking of something on similar lines as i travel a lot, and the scenery is beautiful.. thanks for the instructable.. it will help a lot..
<p>Perfect for Private Investigators. (Both the story about the kid and the device.) Nice projects!</p>
<p>Here's a resource to help you understand recording laws state by state.</p><p>http://www.dmlp.org/legal-guide/state-law-recording</p>
<p>Always wanted one of these! Or a spy-brooch. Thanks.</p>
<p>such a small camera and circuitry might be very good for putting on a homebuilt drone or RC vehicle.</p>
Maybe. But this specific camera got pretty blurred if you move it around quickly.
Which camera did you use and how much was it?
I used the SpyNet Video Glasses. I got them at a thrift store for $7. They retail for about $30.
<p>good work</p>
Thats really cool good work
That's cool!
<p>Neat-o!</p><p>Can you share with us some of the footage from it being placed in these new places? (shirt-cam, nutribar-cam, etc.)</p>
<p>Ok. I uploaded some quick test footage. The quality isn't the best because it is a cheap toy camera but it still illustrates the principles. </p>
Great ideas!
<p>I love the button-cam.</p>

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