The modded gun.

pics taken on phone

I did not create this gun KnexKing5000 did I only modded it

here is original-->https://www.instructables.com/id/JUST-ANOTHER--KNEX-PISTOL

I'm not responsible for anything u do with this WEAPON!!!


here's a video of it workin'
its made on cell so i had 2 do it 1 handed so dont complain

Step 1: Ammo

The new ammo.

Step 2: The "firing Pin" Thingy and Ammo Holder

Just replace the ball joint connector with a short blue capper.

Replace the "Y" connecter with a short green bar.

Step 3: Rubber Band Holder

Where to put the bubber band.

Step 4: How to Load

1)Before ammo is on
2)After ammo is on

Step 5: Rubberband Placment.

1)put band here.
2)to here

Step 6: Locked and Loaded -_-

finished. dont shoot ur foot it hurts...uh..not that i know

1)top view
2)side view

Step 7: Secret Ammo Holder... Shhhh..

Where i put my ammo.
Neat! Instructions could be better, But the gun is awesome!
thanks :)
You should be really proud, considering you got a comment from the best knexer ever!!! (hes tied in first with dsman195276[no killerk, he doesnt keep his word])
very creative design the instructions could be clearer though
It just is
ok....ill try not to piss you off then :)
too late, LoL
are they nuts from McDonalds?
I'm sorry but the video is terrible. It's dark and blurry.
I have a question. If you put enough rubberbands, does the green piece just fall up? I'm debating whether to do the mods or not
lol fall up......sorry
if u put to many rubberbands the tan piece will come off
that is the WORST!!!!!!!!!! vid. ever!!!
i did it on a cell phone and 1 handed
Dude, thank you for making a mod, it makes me feel special that someone would take the time, It's hard for me to be nice, but you definately deserve it
why is it hard for you to be nice?

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