I have only one good spot on my workbench and I came up with an idea to make the most out of that spot. Modularize it (I played with a lot of legos when I was a kid)!

The basic Idea is to attach your bench grinder, vise, miter saw, Belt sander, etc. to a board that you can freely clamp to your workbench.

Step 1: Mark and drill holes.

 Get a board slightly larger than your device, so that clamps can easily be applied to the back and sides of your device.

Get the correct length bolts and countersink them in the bottom so it will be flush with the workbench. I used a large drill bit and chisel to get the right space for the counter sink hole.

<p>Good idea, I'm looking into doing a similar thing once I get my rolling workbench built. I plan on using t-nuts on the underside of the bench so I can easily use some hex bolts to really secure my vise, drill press, miter saw, etc. to the bench without dealing with clamps.</p>
It's an idea a lot of people of used, but it's a good idea, nonetheless.<br /> <br /> I'd suggest loktite, over epoxy, though, if you decide you need to keep the screws from working loose.<br />

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