I wrote on plexiglass the mojito recipe and then I create a small led circuit that I insered in a frame around plexiglass.

For the mojito recipe I designed it on Photoshop and then I reverted the image in order to write it on the good position on the plexiglass.

It is pretty cheap DIY and it is a low comsuption energy system because you can use 2x 1,5v battery or 3x 1,2v battery.

Step 1: Print Your Model

Print your reverse image and then stick if on plexiglass.
To engrave it I used a dremel with a small peak.

The plexiglass is a 0,5mm thick.
Which type of led did you use and how did you insert them into the strip
Sorry for this late answer but I simply used 5 mm blue led that I insert with a small wood peak. <br><br>It is important to have the same led serie which work on the same voltage. <br><br>Hope it helps :)
Do you have a complete and detailed instructions list with materials because i want to have fun with instructable and make a glass cook book. <br>Thanks and much appreciated.
I can give you more information if you want, just ask me and I could give you pictures and tips that's instructables spirit :)
Very nice. This would be a cool use for a CNC router.
How long did it take you to do all that engraving by hand?
It is true that it takes few hours especially to write letter. It took 2 hours but it is quite tiring and th&eacute; dremel is heavy. But the result is pretty cool!!<br>But if you try a simpliest model! I did an other one in 10minutes

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