Applique (sewing fabric on top of fabric) was always a mystery to me because either there was an incredible amount of work to do (thousands of little teeny stitches) or the fabric being sewed created a bulky end result, or even worse sometimes the whole project wouldn't lay flat and the T-shirt underneath stretched and looked like a mess after being sewed.

Then along came "Steam a Seam 2" and the mystery was solved - now I knew how people got great results with all kinds of projects from art quilts with sharp designs and great detail to T-shirts with bold colors and great graphics.

So here we go - I'm going to teach you how to applique a T-shirt, and then you will be able to take this skill to all sorts of fabric projects; from art quilts to decorating a pair of jeans or a purse or even pillow shams.

Step 1: Things You Need:

A T-shirt
"Steam a Seam 2"
Sewing Machine (optional)
Fabric Scraps
Thread in lots of colors (optional also)

<p>Thanks for this tutorial. I need to get some tshirts done and was reluctant to start. Now I'm sure I can do it.</p>
Post some pics when you are done!
This is very cool. Any chance you could post up a pattern for your creature? He's wonderful!
I just cut out as I went. I know that can be intimidating but try with newspaper first. Feel free to copy mine, I'm glad you like him. Monsters have no rules. Think what attributes you want yours to have - say a big heart - and start from there and work outwards. You CAN do it. Maybe you want him to be everywhere at once so make lots of feet, it will work, really. Try having a goal of making (drawing) not just one monster but say 5 of them and then when you are done pick your favorite.
:0) :0) Thanks !
Wow, great documentation - I'll have to check out that Steam a Seam stuff. And your monsters are so cute!
There does exist a Steam a Seam - but don't get it! "Steam a Seam 2" is what you want. The other stuff is complicated in that you have to iron it on before you do anything, using it is like playing chess in that you have to think at least 3 moves ahead. I was never a good chess player.
Your instructions are VERY well written, photographed and easy to follow ... quite a clever 'monster' design ...everyone should have their own 'signature monster' whether it be on a T-shirt, quilt or wall hanging! Great job !!
Awe shucks Grandbunny, thank you.
Very nice!
It takes me SO long to write up an 'ible so getting featured is like getting a love letter, and getting compliments are like e-kisses. Has that been coined as a word yet? Thank you Jayefuu.
He he. Exciting isn't it! I just got my first feature, not showing up yet though as it's caught in a filter.
Wow - some good looking stuff here! Nicely explained too. L
Awe, thank you L.
Thank you!
Cool monster!

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