I used glass cobbles and tiles to create a stained glass appearance for this egg. Using a mosaic tile technique by gluing the glass pieces onto the egg and then applying grout, I then placed an LED inside to light the whole thing up.

I was impressed at how nicely an egg glows with an Led in it, when I saw the following two great instructables. I just took it a step further and stuck some glass on the outside to give it a stained glass appearance.

Extremely Simple "Eggcellent" Night Light
Eggcellent Night Light

Using coloured glass in mosaic tile projects is a great way of creating a stained glass look, you can use it on vases, mirrors, candle holders, etc.

Step 1: Materials

-egg -the larger the better
-needle, awl, or any pointy metal thing -for poking holes in the egg
-bowl -to catch your egg innards
-your favourite recipe for preparing your egg (omelet, scrambled, cookies)

-glass -pieces* or tiles**
-tile nippers or hammer
-safety gear: safety glasses/ rubber gloves/?mask
-newspaper/cardboard to cover work surface
-glue (I use Weldbond -great for tiles and is nontoxic)
-grout*** (you can get this from hardware stores or craft stores) grout can come in different colours so make sure you get the colour you want
-putty knife for applying grout
-sponge for removing excess grout
-cloth for buffing project after grout dries
-a design for your mosaic egg
-pencil/paper to draft design

I just used an LED candle I bought at a dollar store

nice egg holder
or make your own

*the glass pieces I used are called Cobblets I bought them at Michaels, they are nice because the sharp edges have been smoothed over so they are gentle on your fingers.

**you can buy glass tiles at craft stores too, but they are much less expensive on ebay.

***The grout I usually use for my mosaic projects is already premixed and comes out of a tube which makes it super easy to use, I get it from RONA here in Canada.

<p>Say hi to your assistant. It's so cute ;)</p>
For stained glass, I would actually recommend against using tile nippers as they tend to crush and make extra mess. Glass mosaic nippers (the kind with wheels instead of blades) are useful to have around for any glass mosaic projects and last a long time; I'd say just spend the $25 and get them.
Great advice! Thanks!
A damp paper towel or a sponge will also work for the cleaning up step of the egg. Just be gentle with any scrubbing. If you are using regular ol' grout for the project, or DiamondCrete, I'd recommend waiting 5-10 minutes before cleaning just to make sure it's set. It also makes it a lot easier. A good general rule for when to start cleaning the glass off is when you wipe with a paper towel, it doesn't just smudge the color around but actually comes off clean. It's like the grouting version of the brownie/cake toothpick trick.
It doesn't have to be a tile grout, you can use regular powdery cheap grout, it's just more messy. You can also get it in a wide variety of premixed colors. For specialty brands, DiamondCrete is good, but a random home and garden store brand should be fine for most projects. Just mix it to a fairly stiff consistancy for any 3-d grouting projects like this. When I grout, I wear gloves to keep the colorant from staining my hands (and also so that I can just toss them and not wash a bunch of grout down my drain when I wash my hands). A putty knife, for such a small project as this, would be overkill.
Nice! This project inspired me to 'join' the site. Great instructions, love your creative use of LED candle.
Welcome, there are plenty of cool projects on this site, and a lot of neat stuff with LEDs.
Eggcellent instructions and photos! An interesting project and a beautiful creation. PS - I love Mirko! =<sup>..</sup>=<br/>
Thanks! Gonna make my mom something like this for present.And i also get an meal out of the deal! :)
I like it! Very nice, and good instructionables!
Cool!!! That lights up really well.
Yes, I didn't think an egg would glow so brightly until I saw the <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Eggcellent-Night-Light!/">Eggcellent Night Light</a><br/>
Nice work! lol at the cat!
Thanks! My cat thought that I was making a toy for him to play with.

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