Most detailed Instruction how to built a Steampunk keyboard
from the workshop of Admiral Aaron Ravensdale

This project is not the first who talks about the construction of a keyboard in stylish design.
But to my surprise I didn’t found a manual anywhere that describes what materials
are used and what are the problems you meet during the construction.
Another problem was that I didn’t find a German description.
So I am proud to present the first German Version (You currently read my translation).
To remedy this, and to help not as technically gifted Steampunker, I decide to close this gap.
I have documented almost every step and building instructions with pictures and text for anyone who is interested in.
I hope it gives you such a large project without pitfalls and failures to achieve.

For the complete project I need over 250 hours!
Next week I prepare a PDF (70 Pages) which shows to every step the picture to use this visit my website and download it.
Don't forget to switch to English upper right is A UK Flag.

You also will find the Keylayout.

If you have questions or even suggestions you can send me a mail or visit my website.


Well Good luck with the replica.
Admiral Aaron Ravensdale

If you can imagine i need serveral days to translate it into English...
If you find some part which are totally rubbish, please translate it into "real" English and send it to me by PM

Step 1: The Keypad

As a base I have buy an IBM Model M keyboard, which with the “click” buttons.
You will find them in EBay for a price between 70 and 100 €, so it’s cheaper to try to get it from a nerd friend.

After you have removed the screws of the housing you can easily remove the keyboard out of the plastic housing.
Next, I have removed the ground wire top left. Unscrewed and disconnected the control board.
The keys are only clipped in the round plastic tubes and can only be removed with a carefully pull from the board.

The springs remain stuck in the keyboard!

Afterwards, the board with 3 green LED must be removes from the foil. It is fixed with double-sided tape and can be carefully removed with a knife.

The large keys on the Keyboard such as "Enter" and "Plus" have a second guide. It has no
Contacts inside remove the non used guide with the Dremel cut-off wheel (red arrows).
Attention! Some second guides have a small plastic inlet with a hole. Pull it out. One of these inlets is required for the Space key.
It is very important that you don’t remove the second guide of the space bar! (Blue arrow)
Thereafter, the preparatory work completed on the board and we can put aside at times.

<p>Ist das geil! Sieht aber aufw&auml;ndig aus! Dennoch, gute Arbeit! ;)</p><p>Man, great job on this one! Looks difficult to make, though! ;)</p>
<p>Maybe you could use metal buttons next time, would be cheaper than 3 typewriters. </p><p>http://www.aliexpress.com/item/button-metal-thin-edge-in-four-eyes-shirt-button-Cufflinks-sewing-accessories-10mm/32305537247.html?spm=2114.01020208.3.29.9WujmI&amp;ws_ab_test=searchweb201556_7_79_78_77_80,searchweb201644_5,searchweb201560_9</p>
There is a finite number of manual typewriters and your project requires three to be destroyed. <br> <br>Your project looks great, but I humbly ask you to take it down or change it to be more maker and less destroyer.
what a beautiful piece! so amazing! i wish i was good in craftsman like you.
The only word I can think of is: Stunning.
your finished project looks AWESOME!<br> Can't wait for that epic PDF to match the epic keyboard.<br> Datamancer would be so proud :-)<br> <br> To those of us looking to replicate this look, please <strong>OH PLEASE d</strong>on't use vintage, working model M keyboards for this.<br> There are other clicky keyboards if you must. This also works with NON model-M keyboards. If you have the money to throw at it, buy a http://pckeyboards.stores.yahoo.net/cus101usenon.html<br> They still make them NEW(and with USB!).<br> This saves the original brain-smashers in all their original glory.
As a true typographer, I concur with the desire to preserve the ever-dwindling resource of working Model M keyboards.<br><br>As the project basically overlays the original keyboard, there really isn't any reason to cut up the larger keys.<br><br>Despite the sacrifice, I imagine that the result would be a reasonably good typing experience.
I've always loved the old Model M. After a bit of research, it was easy to find who now holds the patent. They sell 'newer' Model M keyboards as well as others. <br><br>Here's the link:<br>http://pckeyboards.stores.yahoo.net/
This is an amazing piece. Beautiful details all over. Truly a functional piece of art my absolute favorite kind there is. Now I've got to build me one of these.
On my keyboard I used black felt, and wrapped it around the ends. I noticed that you did not finish the sides of the board. The color of the LEDs on the board are easy to change out, the bulbs are very cheap. <br><br>You have several nice solutions:<br>1. Your handling of the circuit board underneath, and<br>2. Your attaching the LED Lamps to the board, and<br>3. Your choice of a killer font.
This is a very, very nice job. Your instructions are very precise and detailed, and your English is understandable, much better than my German. I promise to buy you good beer if you show up at my house. First Class all around.
That's one awesome piece! Every cubicle out there should have one :)
Well done!! Very inspiring!
Truly a work of art. I particularly like the addition of the usb lamps. Well done, and thanks for the detailed Instructable!
beautiful work
There is no way on earth that I have the skill or money to aquire this most amazing brilliant creation! I can sure admire it from afar though. It is a piece of art! Gorgeous!
Admiral... you have done an beautiful job! And documented it very well.<br>Thanks for an amazing instructable.
What a great creation, very nice.
Admiral your work is GREAT!<br> <br> To those people who don't want old type writers to be recycled; please joing me and many more people in the hunt for a suitable replacement.&nbsp; Staples sell a range of stationary items designed around the old typewriter key, see here:<br> <br> http://www.mbystaples.com/business-accessories/pushpins/typewriter-key-pushpins/161/<br> <br> NOW if someone could find the acutal manufacturer who provides these to Staples and posted it then no longer would we have to take apart old rusting typewriters.<br> <br> I live in the UK and I have not been able to rack down the manufacturer, perhaps someone in the USA might have better luck. I certainly have orders to make many keyboards just as soon as I can find a supplier of old keys I can start making keyboards.<br> <br> So lets ALL get looking and posting what we find!!!<br>
I think it would be cool to have an orange backlighting that looks like there is an internal furnace.
Masterpiece! great job and very inpiring!
absolutely *gorgeous*.
What'd be even more awesome would be using real typewriter keys or an equivalent replacement.
a really nice piece of work, awsome. also your traslation to english is very good, i just wish I had enough money to make one.

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